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Street Wars

Street Wars“Steven Seagal is back playing hard-
  hitting, no-nonsense cop Elijah Kane
  in the gritty, all-action movie Street Wars
  in which he attempts to purge the
  streets of Seattle of lethal street-lab-
  doctored drugs...

LEADING AN UNDERCOVER TEAM of Seattle-based cops targeting serious criminals in the North Western Territory, Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal: Under Siege; Born To Raise Hell) is the best of the best.

Tough on crime, he has his own unique brand of justice and when a flood of new street-lab drugs proves lethal, Kane goes all out to discover the source of the doctored substances.

CCTV footage shows Tommy (Matt Ward) dancing with April (Annette Tolar), the first youngster to die, in a rave club. Tommy's father is known to Kane but someone is determined to shut him up and he has disappeared. By now other deaths have followed and the problems are mounting for Kane's team.

Andre Mason (William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart) has discovered he has emphysema and over-enthusiastic rookie Brad Gates (Kyle Cassie), the mayor's nephew, has joined the team and is filtering through information from Stephanie (Monica Musteller), who works for the DEA.

Kane has reason to believe there is a leak and everything points to the culprit being Stephanie's partner Victor Zollo (Robert Moloney). While Kane pulls out the stops to prevent more deaths from the lethal cocktail of drugs, Sheriff Graves (Adrian Hough) has arranged for his team to act as security guards to arrogant filmmaker Savon (Bryon Mann), who is producing a documentary of the region's criminal fraternity and is determined to expose the slums of Seattle at any cost — even if it puts the lives of Kane's team at risk.

Is Zollo really the source of the leaks? And where is the drugs baron who is will reap the benefit of the doctored tabs? Using his own network of mercenaries, he's ordering the deaths of anyone who might lead Kane to his lair. His net is spread wide and he can even organise a murder at Seattle County Prison. How many more related deaths will Kane have to deal with before he can clean up the streets of Seattle?

Street Wars is a hard-hitting, sharp-shooting action thriller starring the wonderful Steven Seagal who can always be relied upon to come up with the goods. The film also features: Meghan Ory as Juliet; Sarah Lind as Sarah; Elizabeth Thai as Jordan Sparks; Ecstasia Sanders as Cathy; Peter Graham-Gaudreau as Jack; Luke Camillere as Matthew; David Richmond-Peck; Alex Mallard Jr; Darcy Laurie and Nathaniel Deveaux.

Music is by Carly Paradis; Director of Photography is Nathan Wilson; Edited by A Kirpaul; Executive Producers are Nicholas Chartier, Stephen Hayes, Peter Graham and Steven Seagal; Developed by Joe Halpin; Created by Stephen Seagal; Written by Steven Seagal and Joe Halpin; Producer is Nadine De Barros; Produced by Deboragh Gabler; and Directed by Wayne rose.

Street Wars starring Steven Seagal is available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and EST on 25 April 2011. Certificate: 15 | Total Running Time: 86 Minutes | Catalogue Number: OPTD2004 | RRP: DVD 15.99; Blu-ray 19.99. Extras: Trailer.

"Street Wars is a hard-hitting, sharp-shooting action thriller starring the wonderful Steven Seagal who can always be relied upon to come up with the goods"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar