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Tales Of Beatrix Potter

Tales Of Beatrix Potter“A glorious extravaganza featuring
  delightful characters and fabulous
  routines by the dancers of The Royal
  Ballet, Tales Of Beatrix Potter is a
  magnificent journey into the world of the
  artist and her marvellous creations...

CELEBRATING THE FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the original release of Tales Of Beatrix Potter, Optimum Releasing has digitally restored the classic ballet film that was written and choreographed by the legendary founding choreographer of The Royal Ballet, Sir Frederick Ashton.

Ashton's film interpretation of the much-loved children's stories became so popular that he adapted it for the stage. It was, unusually, written initially especially for the big screen but The Royal Ballet now performs the adaptation every year as a special Christmas tradition.

Wonderful animals inhabit Beatrix Potter's fantasy land, dancing together merrily and frolicking playfully. And thereby hangs a tail! Five of the famed author's most well-known stories with guest appearances of characters from other themes are linked to present a magical storyline that will enchant adults and children alike.

Beloved figures such as Mr Jeremy Fisher (Michael Coleman), Mrs Tiggywinkle (Frederick Ashton), Jemima Puddleduck (Ann Howard), Squirrel Nutkin (Wayne Sleep, who is also Tom Thumb), Pigling Bland (Alexander Grant, who is also the fabulous Peter Rabbit) and Mrs Tittlemouse (Julie Wood) get up to hi-jinks and are brought colourfully to life in this imaginative musical interpretation of Beatrix Potter's stories.

Along with the lively dance displays that are so excellently crafted by The Royal Ballet are amusing moments as a host of charming creatures go about their daily business or meet in the woods or the fields. Beatrix Potter (Erin Geraghty) takes her inspiration from the animals around her and weaves her fabulous stories. A film of magical ballet to dramatic, classic music, Tales Of Beatrix Potter is charming, fascinating, colourful and beautifully executed.

Tales Of Beatrix Potter
is adapted for the screen by Richard Goodwin and Christine Edzard, featuring the Dancers of The Royal Ballet; Leader of the Orchestra is Charles Taylor; Photographic Effects by Tom Howard FRPS; Art Director is John Howell; Director of Photography is Austin Dempster; Music is Composed and Scored by The Royal Ballet's John Lanchbery, Conducting the Orchestra of Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; Sets and Costumes designed by Christine Edzard; Choreography by Frederick Ashton; Executive Producer is John Brabourne; Produced by Richard Goodwin; and Directed by Reginald Mills (editor of Tales Of Hoffman, The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, A Matter Of Life And Death).

The film also features: Keith Martin as Johnny Townmouse; Robert Mead as Fox; Garry Grant as Alexander; Sally Ashby as Mrs Pettitoes; Brenda Last as Black Berkshire Pig; Michael Coleman as Jeremy Fisher; Lesley Collier as Hunca Munca; Leslie Edwards as Owl; Sally Ashby as Tabitha Twitchit; Joan Benham as The Nurse; and Wilfred Babbage as The Butler.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film's original release, the classic ballet film Tales Of Beatrix Potter will be available on Blu-ray for the first time. Out as a Double Play from 4 April 2011. Cert U | Total Running Time: 86 Minutes Approx | Catalogue No DVD: OPTD1924 | RRP: 22.99 / Catalogue No Blu-ray: OPTBD1924 | RRP: 22.99.

"A film of magical ballet to dramatic, classic music, Tales Of Beatrix Potter is charming, fascinating, colourful and beautifully executed"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar