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Terminator Salvation

Terminator SalvationIf it says Terminator on the packet you
  know you’re in for a high-octane ride
  as man battles seemingly-indestructible
  machine for the preservation of the
  human race — and Terminator Salvation
t disappoint...

THE EAGERLY-AWAITED Terminator Salvation, the fourth of the successful film series, is loaded up with thrilling action sequences and special effects that keep you hooked. Giving everything that was promised and more, the film takes up the story of mankind's fight for survival on Earth in the future.

At Longview State Correctional Facility in 2003, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is on death row but is given the chance to live again by donating his body to research being carried out by Dr Serena Kogan (Helena Bonham Carter) of the Genetics Division of Cyberdyne Systems. Serena is herself dying from cancer.

When the Skynet military defence programme became self-aware early in the 21st Century and felt threatened by humans, it sought to wipe out mankind with nuclear fire. The survivors of the cataclysmic event called it Judgement Day.

So begins the war against the machines. The Skynet Research and Development facility has manufactured Terminators to hunt down and exterminate man but pockets of resistance have sprung up amongst the human survivors.

It is 2018 and one man is rumoured to hold the key to salvation: enter John Connor (the superb international star Christian Bale: Batman Begins; The Dark Knight), who leads the human resistance in the post-Judgement Day war to rid the world of the deadly and seemingly-indestructible Terminators. But some believe he is a false prophet.

Skynet is capturing humans and is busy with a new, unknown, project for Terminators. But John Connor is part of the team at Resistance Command Headquarters preparing to attack the facility. He is aware of his importance to mankind and knows that he will soon have to send his father, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), back in time in order for John Connor to be born.

Marcus Wright is making his way through the ruins of Los Angeles when he is rescued from the Terminators by Kyle Reese who is caring for a young mute girl, Star (JadaGrace Berry). Together they set out to join up with the resistance, but Kyle and Star are captured by Skynet, along with some of the people who had been helping them.

When Marcus rescues a damsel in distress, Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood), she takes him to the Resistance Headquarters where he is discovered to be a hybrid: part man, part machine.

Connor initially believes that Marcus was sent to kill him. Although Blair trusts him, the others are suspicious. "Skynet is unpredictable. They will use the best part of you against you". But Marcus warns that there are human prisoners at the facility that the Command is about to bomb, including Kyle Reese — if he is killed there will be no John Connor and the future will be rewritten.

The Command still insists that Skynet is bombed. Will Blair help Marcus escape? Does Marcus really have an axe to grind with Skynet and is he exactly what he says he is? Relieved of his command, can Connor save the man who is responsible for his very existence and without whom mankind may lose everything? The human battle for survival against the Terminators continues.

A truly awesome epic movie, Terminator Salvation is all-action and totally compelling with an incredible cast. A fine example of a series of films that just gets better. With even more innovative machines, great special effects and intriguing characters, this film gets the MotorBar seal of approval as a don't-miss movie. Intense action sequences, revolutionary special effects and exciting new Terminators. Thoroughly entertaining and well-paced with a great, complementary soundtrack.

Terminator Salvation
also features: Bryce Dallas Howard as Nate Connor; Common as Barnes; Jane Alexander as Virginia; Michael Ironside as General Ashdown; Brian Steele; Evan Gyera; Chris Browning; Dorian Nkono; Beth Bailey and Buster Reeves, who is also the Fight Co-ordinator.

The Visual effects supervisor is Charles Gibson; Music by Danny Elfman; Director of Photography is Shane Hurlbut, asc; Executive Producers are: Peter D Graves; Dan Lin; Jeanne Allgood; Produced by Moritz Borman; Jeffrey Silver; Victor Kubicek; Derek Anderson. Written by: John Brancato and Michael Ferris and Directed by MCG. Check out the Maximum Movie Mode feature on Blu-ray.

An action packed chapter in the mega hit Terminator series, the gritty epic Terminator Salvation blasts its way onto Blu ray™ High Def and DVD on 23 November (2009), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

"A truly awesome epic movie, Terminator Salvation is all-action and totally compelling with an incredible cast"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar