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The Arrival Of Wang
The Arrival Of Wang“An interpreter is blindfolded and taken
  to a top secret assignment to translate
  the words of a mysterious prisoner,
  whom she is horrified to find is being
  harshly interrogated in a stark under-
  ground facility in the intriguing Italian
  sci-fi film The Arrival Of Wang

OFFERED A LARGE SUM OF MONEY to use her Mandarin Chinese language skills for a specialised, top secret assignment, Gaia Aloisi (Francesca Cuttica) is blindfolded and taken across Rome where she is locked inside a darkened room beneath the city.

At first hesitant and suspicious, Gaia agrees to translate while an overbearing Inspector Curti (Ennio Fantastichini: Loose Cannons) interrogates an unseen figure known only as Mr Wang (Li Yong).

Her curiosity aroused, Gaia can have no idea of the enormity of the task she is to undertake. Curti refuses to enlighten her, even as she becomes alarmed at the lengths he will go to in an attempt to make Mr Wang give him the answers he wants to hear.

“The Arrival Of Wang
is a tremendous and
startling science fiction
movie that will keep
your brain
working overtime
Through Gaia, Curti questions Mr Wang about his arrival in Rome and asks him why he chose to go to the home of Cynthia Amounike (Juliet Esey Joseph), whom Gaia meets while taking a break for refreshments and who appears terrified.

What was it, asks Curti, that he was constructing and where did he go when Mrs Amounike discovered him and raised the alarm?

Mr Wang seems to be calm and offers a rational explanation for his movements, denying constructing anything. He insists that his purpose is only to explore the possibility of cultural, scientific and medical exchanges.

As Curti's interrogation gets increasingly aggressive and his methods become distressing for Gaia, she secretly tells the inoffensive-looking Mr Wang that she is sympathetic towards him and tells him she will help him by contacting Amnesty International.

But is this mysterious visitor really what he says he is and, if not, what is it that he really wants? Is he a harmless friend or a cunning enemy? As Gaia begins to understand the full extent of the interrogation, she discovers the horrifying truth of the earth-shattering consequences that will not only put her own life in danger but will also threaten the future of the world.

Inspired by such cult Sci-Fi television classics as The Twilight Zone, V and The X Files, and with a nod to The Man Who Fell To Earth and The Day The Earth Stood Still, Marco and Antonio Manetti's The Arrival Of Wang takes a refreshing new look at the genre, creating a tension that will keep you hooked.

Cleverly developing as a psychological drama that questions our conflicting attitudes towards trust, prejudice and xenophobia, the movie won enthusiastic audiences at this year's Glasgow Film Festival.

The Manetti brothers have gained international acclaim as the rising stars of Italian genre cinema with films such as Zora The Vampire and Pauro 3-D, which also stars Francesca Cuttica.

The Arrival Of Wang is a startling science fiction movie that has your brain working overtime. Wang cuts a solitary figure and arouses your protective instincts; but would you take the gamble of letting him use his cosmic communicator to phone home?

The Arrival Of Wang (L'Arrivo di Wang) also features: Jader Giraldi as Falco; Rodolfo Baldini as De Renzi; Antonello Morroni as Max; and Carmen Giarina as Dottoressa. Original Music is by Pivio and Aldo de Scalzi; Photography is by Alessandro Chiodo; Directed by The Manetti Brothers.

Prepare the welcoming committee for an unusual visitor as The Arrival Of Wang is released in the UK on DVD on 22 October 2012.

DVD Extras include: Behind The Scenes | Special Effects Featurette | Exclusive Interviews with the Manetti Brothers and Francesca Cuttica from Frightfest 2012.

"The Arrival Of Wang is a tremendous, startling science fiction movie that has your brain working overtime" Maggie Woods, MotorBar