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The Amazing Mr Blunden
The Amazing Mr Blunden“A helpful ghost solves a problem for
  a family in trouble and two of the children
  then become involved with helping him
  to sort out his own troubling and tragic
  unfinished business in the past, in the
  magical and spooky children
s classic
  The Amazing Mr Blunden

A MUCH-LOVED CLASSIC, The Amazing Mr Blunden is a magical children's ghost story from the creator of The Railway Children where two children are taken back to the past by two young spirits who died tragically in a fire and whose destiny was unfulfilled.

It is 1917 and after the death of her husband Richard, Mrs Allen (Dorothy Alison) is forced to move from her beautiful home to a small damp and dark basement flat in Camden Town with her three children, Lucy (Lynne Frederick), Jamie (Garry Miller) and baby Benjamin (Benjamin Smith), who is unwell.

As Christmas approaches, Mrs Allen is surviving on a widow's pension and debts are mounting up. With the snow thickly on the ground, a mysterious and kindly elderly gentleman knocks at the door and announces to Mrs Allen that he is a solicitor, Mr Blunden (Laurence Naismith), who has been instructed to offer her a position as the caretaker of a remote decaying mansion, living in a cottage in the grounds.

“The Amazing
Mr Blunden —
Compelling, simply
magical, and delightfully
The children are intrigued when Mr Blunden asks them if they would be afraid if they saw a ghost. Then, at the solicitor's offices, the children see a portrait of Mr Blunden's great grandfather who died 150 years ago, who bears a striking resemblance to their benefactor.

The mansion, Langley Park, is magnificent but sadly neglected. Lucy and Jamie are surprised to hear the shouts of children coming from the upstairs rooms and it is not long before they come face-to-face with the past in the shape of the ghosts of Sarah Latimer (Rosalyn Landor) and her brother Georgie (Marc Granger), who died in a fire over a century before.

The children had lived at Langley Park and a grave injustice had been done to them and the young gardener Thomas (Stuart Lock). Lucy and Jamie are spirited back to the past to right the wrong and help the children deal with their selfish and easily-led Uncle Bertie (James Villiers), his beautiful but childlike fiancée Bella (Madeline Smith) and her doting parents, the wickedly cruel Mr and Mrs Wickens (perfectly played by David Lodge and the wonderful Diana Dors).

A powerful British drama from the late Lionel Jeffries that has been hugely in demand but unavailable for many years, The Amazing Mr Blunden is based on Antonia Barber's novel The Ghosts and benefits from a stellar cast of British acting talent. The film was selected by Mark Gatiss as his 'Neglected Classic of the 1970s' on Radio Four's The Film Programme. Compelling, simply magical, and delightfully spooky!

Made at Pinewood Studios, The Amazing Mr Blunden also features: Graham Crowden as Mr Clutterbug; Erik Chitty as Mr Claverton; Reg Lye as Sexton; Deddie Davies as Meakin; and the wonderful Paul Eddington as The Vicar.

Original Music is by Elmer Bernstein; Cinematography is by Gerry Fisher; Written by Antonia Barber (from her novel The Ghosts) and Lionel Jeffries; Produced by Barry Levinson and Directed by Lionel Jeffries.

* Step back in time as the wonderful family ghost adventure The Amazing Mr Blunden gets a long-awaited home entertainment release, materialising on DVD from Second Sight Films on 11 March 2013. Catalogue Number: 2NDVD3234 | Running Time: 99 Minutes Approximately.

"The Amazing Mr Blunden… Compelling, simply magical, and delightfully spooky!" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Vintage British children's cinema"

"They certainly don't make them like this any more, and they certainly should… A great family film!"

"Handled with that sense of enchanted stillness which is one of Jeffries' great gifts as a director, the apparitions, the apprehensions, and the atmosphere of brooding menace about the house are exquisitely done" Time Out