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The Best Of New Tricks
The Best Of New Tricks“A female Detective Superintendent
  heads a special Police section that
  tackles previously unsolved crimes in
  the popular, tongue-in-cheek BBC
  television comedy drama series New
, complete with a star-studded
  cast and coming to DVD as The Best Of
  New Tricks

GIVEN THE TASK OF HEADING UCOS (the fictional Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad), Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman: At Home With The Braithwaites; Honest), who has followed her late father into the Police Force, throws herself into cracking previously unsolved crimes.

Her team comprises three ex-policemen, all of whom had chosen early retirement: Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman: Minder; The Sweeney), a chirpy Cockney ladies' man with three ex-wives who drives a 1977 Triumph Stag; Jack Halford (James Bolam: When The Boat Comes In; Born and Bred) and Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong: Garrow's Law; Little Dorrit).

New Tricks is funny,
compelling, and
Great British Comedy
Crime Drama...”
The DVD contains the five best episodes of New Tricks selected by the fans and begins with God's Waiting Room. Sandra has realised that her mother Grace (the wonderful Sheila Hancock) is no longer able to look after herself and she needs to find a residential home where her mother will be happy.

Apart from dealing with her difficult mother, Sandra becomes involved with the investigation of the suspicious death of 72-year-old Maggie Newley from an apparent prescription drug overdose at one of the residential homes — despite her boss DAC Strickland (Anthony Calf) instructing her to leave the case alone.

Sandra meets the larger-than-life Pru Sanders (the marvellous June Whitfield) and Maggie's fiancé Leonard Casey (Geoffrey Bayldon). When one of her team goes under cover, Sandra also discovers that the manager of the home may not be all he seems.

In Death Of A Timeshare Salesman, the team is investigating a five year old murder. Dean Scott made a fortune in the late 1980's with a huge timeshare resort in Lanzarote and he was found in his beautiful period home having apparently shot himself.

The team reopens the case when a former escort girl who has recently found God contacts the Police to confess she had witnessed someone forcing their way into the house shortly before Dean Scott died, throwing a different light on the case.

Dead Man Talking involves a psychic who may be a charlatan. Sandra accompanies Victoria Anderson (Alice Patten) to a meeting with psychic Sebastian Carter (Paul Rhys), who seems to be in touch with Victoria's dead father.

Carter claims wealthy financier Douglas Anderson has some unfinished business concerning a key and he has been convincing enough to make Vicky believe all is not as it seems.

Sandra's scepticism of Carter comes under question when he claims to be in touch with her own father, saying he is disturbed that she is estranged from her half-brother Tom Eldridge (Jo Stone-Fewings).

Anderson made his money in investment banking in Hong Kong and he had come back to England in 1997 under a cloud to live at his home in Knightsbridge.

After a night out, Anderson returned home to confront an intruder with whom he apparently struggled before dying of a heart attack. The intruder was never found.

The UCOS investigation involves Vicky's adopted sister Penny (Elizabeth Tan) and the discovery that Anderson could have been involved in a huge fraud in Hong Kong for which Penny's natural father John Plummer was imprisoned. This episode also features: David Bradley as Simon Beswick and Tom Wu as Daniel Cheung.

The five episodes also include Old Fossils, where the team identifies a number of suspects as they reopen the murder case of an outspoken palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum; and The Girl Who Lived, in which the DNA of a missing girl is found at the scene of a robbery. Things will never been the same again when a retired detective from Glasgow joins the UCOS team.

New Tricks was first shown in 2003 as a one-off but a further six episodes in 2004 became such a success that more followed. A new face appeared with retired DI Steve McAndrew (Denis Lawson: Criminal Justice; Local Hero) and future appearances included Nicholas Lyndhurst (Goodnight Sweetheart). Also featuring: Nicholas Day as Deputy Assistant Commissioner Donald Bevan. The jaunty theme tune It's All Right is sung by Dennis Waterman.

The BBC television series New Tricks is a funny, compelling, and addictive great British Comedy Crime Drama with viewing figures in excess of 8.5 million.

* Only the best is good enough and five episodes were selected by fans of one of the BBC's most popular television series for The Best Of New Tricks, coming to DVD courtesy of Acorn Media on 8 April 2013. Running Time: 300 Minutes Approximately on 2 Discs | Catalogue Number: AV3111 | RRP: £25.99.

The Five Episodes: God's Waiting Room | Death Of A Timeshare Salesman | Dead Man Talking | Old Fossils | The Girl Who Lived.

"New Tricks is funny, compelling and addictive" Maggie Woods, MotorBar