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The Bletchley Circle
The Bletchley Circle“The elite team responsible for cracking
  German intelligence at Bletchley Park
  during World War II has now returned to
  ordinary lives following the end of the
  hostilities; but four of them are about to
  resurface to attempt to unmask a serial
  killer in The Bletchley Circle

AFTER THE EXCITEMENT AND FULFILMENT of their invaluable work that helped to win the war for England and her Allies, the brilliant code-breakers at Bletchley Park have now returned to the world of normality.

But nine years on, in the early Fifties, all that is about to change for four of them. Bound by The Official Secrets Act, Susan Gray (Anna Maxwell Martin: Accused: Tina's Story) has not even told her husband about her contribution to the vital war work. As she listens to the radio and reads the newspaper she is shocked by the news of a serial killer targeting young girls in and around London and believes she has the skill to help.

Marking the killer's movements on a map, she begins to see a pattern in his activities, coming to the conclusion that using her code-breaking skills she can discover his identity. But she will quickly realise that she cannot do it alone.

A clever concept,
well executed with an
enthralling storyline,
The Bletchley Circle
is a riveting thriller
not to be missed...”
Happily married to Timothy (Mark Dexter), who has a good job with prospects in the Department of Transport, she is now caring for their two young children, Claire (Jocelyn MacNab) and Sam (Elliot Kerley).

So convinced is she that she can second-guess the killer that she persuades her husband to take her to Scotland Yard to see Deputy Commissioner Wainwright (Michael Gould), under whose command he served during the war.

At first patronising, Wainwright soon realises that Susan was not just a clerical worker for the Foreign Office as her husband believes; but when Susan's insistence that the Police have missed a fifth murder appears groundless, she is so upset that she destroys her evidence. As she hesitates over a photograph of her and her friends from Bletchley, she knows what she has to do.

First she contacts the flamboyant and worldly Millie (Rachael Stirling: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen), who suggests that they need the photographic memory of the youngest of the code-breakers, Lucy (Sophie Rundle: Great Expectations), now in a violent relationship with Harry (Ed Birch); then they call on Jean (Julie Graham: Tower Block), who may have access to the necessary restricted files.

Gradually the girls, 'The Bletchley Circle', piece together enough information to follow up their own investigations, which lead them to believe that the killer has, unknown to the police, struck a number of times before. They are now on their own, determined to put a stop to the killings, making the streets a safe place to walk and to bring the murderer to justice.

Following a false trail, they are down but not beaten. By treating the crimes like a code and re-evaluating their information, each step takes them closer to the murderer; but it also brings the murderer closer to them and will put their lives and the lives of those they love in great danger.

The Bletchley Circle is a tense and tight thriller that is anything but ordinary. Exploring the relationships of four strong female lead characters and the social mores of the 1950s, the series paints a fascinating picture of these amazing young women and their world.

The Deputy Commissioner's attitude towards Susan is a reflection of the times; as is her husband's insistence that she forgets about the murders and settles back down to domesticity, and Harry's belief that he can do what he likes with his own wife.

Bound to the Official Secrets Act, the part of the Bletchley code-breakers in the Allied victory cannot be shared; their finest hours and amazing abilities covered in dust sheets of security never to be seen again. That is, until now.

But can yesterday's code-breakers become today's detectives? Will they be able to break the code of a manipulating murderer? A clever concept, well executed with an enthralling storyline, The Bletchley Circle is a riveting thriller not to be missed.

During WWII women were called into service and the ones with the sharpest, most observant minds found themselves operating as code-breakers at the now well-known, but then highly secret, Bletchley Park.

The Bletchley Circle takes four such women who have, for some years, switched off their talents and returned to the normality of housewifely drudgery or mundane jobs yet can be persuaded to use their talents again for an important purpose.

This cracking television series with its powerful cast saw audiences grow in its second week to over 4.25 million. Included is a half-hour special feature taking viewers behind the scenes of this clever post-war thriller.

The Bletchley Circle also features: Claire Rafferty as Emily Dixon; Thomasin Rand as Mary; Steven Robertson as Crowley; James Bowers as Café Owner; Matthew Cullum as Constable Barry; and John Lightfoot as Sgt George.

Composer is Nick Green; Director of Photography is John Pardue; Written by Guy Burt; Producer is Jake Lushington; Executive Producer is Simon Heath; Director is Andy De Emmony.

* A hit with audiences and critics alike, the cracking television series The Bletchley Circle is released on DVD by Acorn Media UK on 5 November 2012. Running Time: 161 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: AV3102 | RRP: £17.99.

Special Features: Behind The Scenes | Cast Filmographies | Picture Gallery | Subtitles.

"A clever concept, well executed with an enthralling storyline, The Bletchley Circle is a riveting thriller not to be missed"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A highly-engaging pre-feminist Prime Suspect" Metro

"Jolly good fun" The Guardian