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The Bletchley Circle Series Two
The Bletchley Circle Series Two“Fresh from unmasking a serial killer,
  the girls from Bletchley Park
  during World War Two specialised in
  vital code-breaking
are hot on the
  trail of another enigma when one of
  their own is accused of murdering her
  lover in the riveting series The Bletchley

AT BLETCHLEY PARK IN 1943, the new German code seemed impossible to break until gifted Alice Merren (Hattie Morahan: Outnumbered) suddenly sees a way forward. Some of the most brilliant female minds were called to war service at the now famous, but then highly secret, government department — and Alice is one of the smartest.

As supervisor Jean (Julie Graham: Tower Block) leaves the machine hut where Alice is working, she sees an exchange between her and top scientist John Richards (Paul McGann), and surmises that the two are having an affair. But John is being transferred to a top secret location and even his Alice does not know where it is.

Ten years later in London, Alice calls the Police from John Richards' home. John has been murdered and Alice refuses to explain what happened and is therefore charged with killing her lover in the second series of The Bletchley Circle, the superb ITV drama that is as much a hit with critics as it is with audiences.

With a powerful
 female-led cast,
  The Bletchley Circle
  is an exciting and
  compulsive post-war
  thriller that relentlessly
  keeps up the pace...”
When Jean hears about the incident, she instinctively realises that Alice is innocent; but why is she so adamant that she will not reveal the circumstances of the tragedy, and is even prepared to face the death penalty even when Jean visits her in prison and offers her help in order to save her from the hangman's noose.

Convinced there is something Alice is hiding, Jean enlists the help of Susan (Anna Maxwell Martin: Accused; Tina's Story), Millie (Rachael Stirling: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) and Lucy (Sophie Rundle: Great Expectations) and the friends begin to piece together the clues to the case.

Not for the four friends who'd worked as code-breakers during World War II was life post-war one of dull drudgery having established themselves as crime solvers, they now take on the task of proving Alice's innocence, little realising that there are dark forces at work in the heart of the military establishment out to stop them discovering the truth about a tragic accident.

Does John's murder have anything to do with the cuttings he has saved about the accident on Salisbury Plain in which a driver died and three soldiers were treated for serious burns as the result of a chemical spillage? And who is the mysterious young woman called Elizabeth (Faye Marsay) whose life appears to be in danger?

In the meantime, Susan's husband Timothy (Mark Dexter) has been offered a two-year posting abroad and is talking about finding a boarding school for their two children. Not really wanting to be parted from them, Susan drags her heels. But the pressure is on as Alice only has five days left to live if her sentence is carried out and the truth about John Richards' murder must be quickly solved.

The second story focuses around Millie, who finds herself out of a job because of her involvement with Alice's predicament. Desperate for money, she becomes involved with a racketeer, Jasper (Rob Jarvis), who is a black market dealer in difficult-to-obtain perfume, cigarettes and nylons.

Millie takes Alice to The Royal Marston Hotel where she cultivates clients, but when she returns home after leaving Alice she is kidnapped by a Maltese gang to whom Jasper owes money.

While held prisoner, Millie meets a young woman, Elishka (Edyta Bodik), and quickly realises that her kidnappers are not only dealing in goods but also human trafficking, bringing in young girls from Eastern Europe to be forced into prostitution.

Making a deal with the ruthless Marta (Brana Bajic), who runs the gang and does not flinch at torture and murder, Millie manages to escape their clutches. But Jasper is not so lucky and it is becoming apparent that bribery and corruption leads all the way back to Scotland Yard, where Lucy is now working with Ben Gladstone (Nick Blood), to whom she is attracted.

As Lucy tries to track down the mole in Scotland Yard, she even begins to suspect Ben, who is also taking an interest in her. The women once again find themselves working against the clock and in grave danger to break up Marta's gang and rescue the innocent girls from their fate.

With a powerful female-led cast, The Bletchley Circle is an exciting and compulsive post-war thriller that relentlessly keeps up the pace. Hot on the heels of its television broadcast, the DVD has just been released and includes a half-hour special taking viewers behind the scenes.

The Bletchley Circle
also features: Simon Chandler as Solicitor; Paul Ritter as Professor Oliver Masters; Richard Huwes as Doctor; Freddie Anness-Lorenz as Sam; Mabel Watson as Claire; James Weaver as Soldier; Hermione Gulliford as Anne; David Houslow as DCI Fallow; Iain Stuart Robinson as Tommy; Neal Barry as Bookie; and Orestes Sophocleous as Lazzru.

Composer is Nick Green; Director of Photography is Adam Suschitzky BSC / Jake Polonsy; Written and Created by Guy Burt; Produced by Trevor Hopkins; and Directed by Jamie Payne / Sarah Hardy. Story Consultant is Nick Dean.

* The girls are back in town and swinging into action when The Bletchley Circle Series Two comes to DVD courtesy of Acorn Media in the UK on 27 January 2014.

The DVD is available in High Street DVD Stores; online at ACORNDVD.COM or by calling ACORN on 0845 123 2312.

The Bletchley Circle Series Two
Catalogue Number: AV3130 | Running Time: 206 Minutes Approximately on Two Discs | RRP: 17.99.

The Bletchley Circle Series One and Two Catalogue Number: AV3138 | Running Time: 367 Minutes Approximately on Three Discs | RRP: 24.99.

"With a powerful female-led cast, The Bletchley Circle is an exciting and compulsive post-war thriller that relentlessly keeps up the pace"
Maggie Woods