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The Castle Of Cagliostro
The Castle Of Cagliostro“From the Director of Spirited Away
  comes the animé The Castle Of
, where two thieves who
  just robbed a Monte Carlo Casino
  (only to discover the money is all
  counterfeit) flee into the dangerous
  country of Cagliostro — where a chance
  encounter with a maiden in need of
  rescuing from a despotic Count leads
  to the discovery of a truly amazing

THE ACADEMY AWARD-WINNING STUDIO GHIBLI has added to its string of enchanting animés with the superb The Castle Of Cagliostro, directed by the highly-respected Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke; Spirited Away).

A terrifically exciting story centred around Arsene Lupin III from the hugely-popular animated television series of which Miyazaki wrote and directed a number of episodes, The Castle Of Cagliostro is the first feature film by the distinguished director and also marks the latest instalment of the series.

...thrilling car chases,
perfect characterisation
and an intriguing
story combine to make
The Castle Of Cagliostro
utterly unforgettable...”
Famous super-thief Lupin and his friend Daisuke Jigen charge into one of Monte Carlo's top Casinos and escape with five billion in notes of various denominations. But as they pack themselves into their tiny Fiat 500 with their booty and speed off, Lupin realises that all the notes are forgeries and tosses them out of the car.

And he works out where they come from: it is 'Goat money' from a tiny country called Cagliostro, where an evil Count is forging money and distributing it around the world. As they reach the Duchy of Cagliostro, Lupin tells Jigen that nobody who has investigated the country has ever returned.

Suddenly, a young woman in a bridal dress races past in a 2CV, hotly pursued by men in dark suits driving a large black sedan. With some very interesting driving techniques that defy the laws of gravity and a dangerous cliff-hanging episode during which Lupin's useful gadgets saves the girl from a watery grave, Lupin and Jigen manage to get her to safety, only to see her snatched from under their noses and carried off in a steamboat.

In true Cinderella style, the beautiful young woman has left behind a glove and inside is a ring bearing a goat crest. At the ruined palace of the late Archduke and Duchess, it becomes apparent that Lupin has been there before and at Count Cagliostro's castle the pair witness him arriving in an autogyro to be greeted by his sinister butler, Jodo.

The village is buzzing with visitors who have come to see the wedding of Lady Clarisse d'Cagliostro and the Count, a notorious womaniser. But unbeknown to Lupin, the Count has discovered that the ring is not on the finger of his sedated fiancée and, as he needs it for a special, secret purpose, he is hot on their trail.

Lupin's old adversary Inspector Koichi Zenigata of Interpol arrives; and Lupin sees the lovely Fujiko Mine, a clever thief whom he has met before and who makes a deal with him before she will tell him where the Lady Clarisse is being held captive.

Lupin and Jigen are soon joined by their Samurai friend Gozaemon Ishikawa, but they will find out that Lupin will have to face an underground water maze, the might of Cagliostro's guards, imprisonment and death-defying stunts over lofty rooftops in his attempt to rescue Clarisse, save the kingdom and find the legendary treasure that is said to be hidden in Cagliostro. Will Lupin succeed or meet the fate of so many others who have failed?

Maintaining the lineage of the Lupin III franchise, Miyazaki also imbues the proceedings with his customary wit and sense of the romantic: Miyazaki's heroes are always ready to come to the aid of a damsel in distress and the thrilling car chases, perfect characterisation and an intriguing story combine to make The Castle Of Cagliostro utterly unforgettable. As always, the backdrops include beautiful, classical architecture and magical landscapes.

Voice cast includes David Hayter as Arsene Lupin II, Kirk Thornton as Count Cagliostro and Bridget Hoffman as Lady Clarisse d'Cagliostro. Writers: Monkey Punch (graphic novel series), Hayao Miyazaki (Screenplay), Haruya Yamazaki (Screenplay) and Maurice Leblanc (Characters); Director is Hayao Miyazaki.

* From the Academy Award-winning Studio Ghibli and Director Hayao Miyazaki comes the UK Blu-ray premiere of The Castle Of Cagliostro, out to own on Double Play on 12 November 2012. Feature Running Time: 100 Minutes approximately | English language and Japanese With Subtitles | Catalogue No: OPTBD0306 | RRP: £24.99.

Extras: Storyboards: Picture In Picture | Trailer.

"…Thrilling car chases, perfect characterisation and an intriguing story combine to make The Castle Of Cagliostro utterly unforgettable" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"With Miyazaki's characteristic magic touch, the film is a feast of lush European scenery, relentless sequences of death-defying action and a hint of touching nostalgia" Anime World