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The Courier
The Courier“How do you deal with a bad guy whose
  very name makes even the underworld
  tremble? A daredevil courier is hired to
  deliver a mysterious briefcase to him,
  racing against the clock to save his own
  life and the lives of those he loves in the
  fast-paced action film The Courier..

GIVEN THE TASK OF DELIVERING A BRIEFCASE to a notorious hitman by a stranger (Til Schweiger: Inglorious Basterds), a professional specialist courier (Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Watchman; The Resident) with a daredevil, ask-no-questions reputation is thrown into a dangerous world where he is shot at, rammed by cars, arrested, tortured and pushed to the limit in this high-octane thriller The Courier.

The Courier is the best there is and has just delivered ransom money for the release of a kidnapped banker's daughter, only to find that her life still hangs in the balance. The film begins as this heart-in-the-mouth drama is played out…

“The Courier…
 A wow of a film
Later, at the boxing gym run by his close friend Eddie, also known as Stitch (Mark Margolis), The Courier is approached by the man who offers one hundred thousand dollars to track down and deliver a sealed case to the elusive, highly dangerous hitman who calls himself Evil Sivle (Mickey Rourke: The Expendables; Iron Man 2; The Wrestler). He is given sixty hours to complete his assignment with the threat that he will be killed if he fails to deliver on time.

Hacking into the restricted FBI files, The Courier begins to track down the hitman's known associates and follows a line of clues from New Orleans, St Louis and finally Las Vegas. Stitch sends a young woman, Anna (Josie Ho: Contagion), as his pilot and driver, and he very reluctantly takes her with him.

Hounded by hustlers, suspect federal agents, double-dealers and hitmen, including the cold-blooded "Mr and Mrs Capo" (Miguel Ferrer: RoboCop and Lili Taylor: The Haunting), The Courier is faced with an impossible task and suffers heartbreaking tragedy. Nobody is safe from Evil Sivle's finger of death and even Stitch's daughter and granddaughter have to be sent to safety in Mississippi.

Evil Sivle was close to his associate Maxwell, but they fell out over the love of a woman, resulting in tragedy. Now word is out that he is the one wreaking vengeance on anyone who had anything to do with him ten years before. Nobody, it seems, can stop him.

With the prospect of staring death in the face, The Courier is yet to discover something that will shock him to the very core; and with the lives of those he loves at risk there's no way he will miss this drop.

From the writers of Wanted, 2Fast 2Furious and 3:10 To Yuma and the Executive Producer of Haywire and Limitless, The Courier also boasts a great supporting cast including: Ajla Hodzic as Julia; and David Jensen as San Fran Tana. A riveting action thriller, we were disappointed that the (one) torture scene was too graphic and lengthy, but it is otherwise a wow of a film.

Written by Pet Dris and Brannon Coombs; Director of Photography is Antonio Calvache, ASC; Original Music by Nima Fakhrara; Directed by Hany Abu-Assad (Oscar-nominated Foreign Film Paradise Now).

The fast-paced action thriller The Courier is released on Blu-ray and DVD from Entertainment One on 11 June 2012. Certificate: 18 Running Time: 91 Minutes Approximately.

Special Features: Making Of The Courier.

"The Courier… A wow of a film" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar