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The Device
The DeviceWhen a young woman who suffered
  an unresolved, mysterious and
  worrying ordeal while a teenager
  returns to her home town to visit her
  sister, the terrifying incident comes
  back to haunt her in a very real
  way in the psychological alien sci-fi
  thriller The Device

INSPIRED BY DOCUMENTED ALIEN ABDUCTION claims, The Device begins with Abby (Angela DiMarco: Trauma) and her fiancé Calvin (David S Hogan: Shadowed) waiting for her sister Rebecca (Kate Alden: The Right Place) to join them on a trip to the family's log cabin in the mountains to scatter their mother's ashes.

The cabin is a place their mother loved but it was also the site of a frightening and inexplicable other-worldly event that left the then sixteen-year-old Rebecca traumatised and from which she has never fully recovered. Abby has borne a burden of guilt because it was during a fight they had over Rebecca's boyfriend Chuck that made Rebecca run off into the woods.

Fascinating and
The Device
never swerves from its
and edginess...”
Abby is surprised to see Rebecca go off into the woods again and follows her. They discover some metal debris and a sinister black orb that, while appearing harmless, has the ability to change their world forever.

Despite Rebecca's alarming warnings that they were not supposed to find it and they must leave and the girls' aunt, Linda Wallis (Lorraine Montez), becoming concerned that they had taken Rebecca up to the cabin Calvin wants to keep the orb and refuses to leave it. It is a mistake he will live to regret as aliens walk among us.

Compelled by a curiosity that will turn into a dangerous obsession, the three cannot know that it holds the secret to a new kind of life; the embryo of a plan for an alien invasion of Earth, waiting to defy nature.

Mysterious, seductive and enticing, the orb brings with it strange deeds. It also hosts a biological trigger that threatens to reshape our world, recasting relationships with the universe beyond our wildest dreams, understandings and worst nightmares. With a nod to The X Files, the truth is out there.

A strange one this, not least of all because writer and producer John Portanova does not follow the well-worn path of alien abduction and skilfully draws on the intrigue of the unknown. With an unusual ending, not to everyone's taste; but nevertheless maintaining credibility and unpredictability.

The Device
DVD additionally features an audio commentary by the screenwriter of Fire In The Sky and Intruders, two of the most popular alien abduction films ever. Fascinating and riveting, The Device never swerves from its well-constructed tension and edginess.

The Device also features: Gabriel Congdon as The Visitor; Russell Hodgkinson as Dr Mora; Ben Andrews as Dr Lieberman; and Morgen Johnson as Vinny.

Music is by Joseph Molner; Director of Photography is Jeremy Berg; Executive Producer is Jesse Baget; Creative Effects are by Killer Mak Up FX; Produced by Matt Medisch and John Portanova; Written by Jeremy Berg (Screenplay) and John Portanova; Produced and Directed by Jeremy Berg.

* The key to our future or the seed of our extinction? The chilling truth is unearthed as The Device descends onto DVD in the UK from Image Entertainment on 23 March 2015. Running Time: 87 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: IMAGE4017 | RRP: £12.99.

Special Features Three Audio Commentaries: Director Commentary | Actor Commentary | Commentary With John Portanova and Tracy Tormé.

"Fascinating and riveting, The Device never swerves from its well-constructed tension and edginess" Maggie Woods
, MotorBar

"Tense and unexpected… Completely enthralling!" Icons of Fright