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The Devil Rides Out
The Devil Rides Out“A brilliant adaptation from Dennis
s novel of the same name,
  The Devil Rides Out is an utterly
  fascinating story about a young man
  who is lured into a black magic coven
  where his very soul is at risk

WORRIED THAT HE HASN'T SEEN HIS ADOPTED NEPHEW for some time, Nicholas, Duc de Richleau (the magnificent Christopher Lee in a role that was one of his personal favourites and the complete opposite of the evil Dracula) is even more concerned when he and his cynical friend Rex (Leon Greene) visit the home of Simon Aron (a well-cast Patrick Mower).

The door is opened by a sinister butler and the house is full of some very suspicious characters, including the menacing Mocata (Charles Gray on perfect form). The Duc is undeterred and pushes himself through the door, finding evidence of devil-worship and confronting his nephew. But Simon is evasive and claims he is merely hosting a meeting of a little astronomy society.

“A frightening
and fascinating movie
that more than
delivers the goods
Simon's father was the Duc's best friend and when he died Nicholas was entrusted with Simon's care. With his extensive knowledge of the occult, Nicholas quickly realises that the young man is risking losing his soul to a great evil and he kidnaps Simon to keep him from the bloodied ritual that would mark his initiation.

However, Mocata will not be stopped and is powerful enough to keep the members of his satanic cult under control. Nicholas sees the power of darkness as a living force that can be tapped into at any given moment of the night so, with dusk approaching he takes Simon to the home of his niece Marie (Sarah Lawson) and her husband Richard (a serious role for the great Paul Eddington) for protection.

Having also rescued the lovely Tanith (Nik Arrighi) from Mocata, Nicholas and Rex underestimate the strength of Mocata's influence unwittingly the Duc has brought evil to his niece's door and put her young daughter Peggy (Rosalyn Landor) into the hands of Mocata.

Mocata will stop at nothing to thwart Nicolas; unleashing a frightening and malevolent evil with the powers of darkness, including Satan himself and the Angel of Death. The Duc can only hope that his own knowledge and strength can keep his life and those of his charges and most of all their souls safe from "the most dangerous game KNOWN to mankind"

Based on the celebrated novel by Dennis Wheatley, The Devil Rides Out is one of Hammer's most accomplished and thrilling mystery horrors. Filmed at the famous Elstree Studios in the 1970s, it is a frightening and fascinating movie that more than delivers the goods.

Dennis Wheatley knew his stuff and the film benefits from his extensive knowledge of the black arts. The opening images alone are scary and the music adds to the tension. The line of beautiful vintage cars is magnificent and belie the sinister destination. The Devil Rides Out gets better at every turn. You'll be spooked.

The Devil Rides Out also features: Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies as The Countess; Russell Waters as Malin. Music is Composed by James Bernard; Choreographer is David Toguri; Director of Photography is Arthur Grant, BSC; Screenplay by Richard Matheson from the celebrated novel The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley; Special Effects Supervisor is Michael Stainer-Hutchins; Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys; and Directed by Terence Fisher.

STUDIOCANAL and Hammer Films present the fully-restored film The Devil Rides Out, AVAILABLE ON DVD and Blu-ray Double Play on 22 October 2012. Total Running Time: 96 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: OPTBD0697 | RRP: 22.99.

"The Devil Rides Out a frightening and fascinating movie that more than delivers the goods" Maggie Woods, MotorBar