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The Doorman
The Doorman “A gutsy young female former Marine
  becomes a bodyguard to an ambassador
  and her daughter in Romania only to be
  devastated by their murder in an attack
  on their convoy, leaving her to return
  to the United States and unemployment
  until her uncle finds her a job as a
  doorman; turning out to be far from
  the mundane and safe job she thought
  in the fast-paced and thrilling The

TRAUMATISED BY THE VIOLENT DEATHS in a shootout of a woman US ambassador and her young daughter, whom she was guarding on an assignment in Bucharest, Romania, former hard-hitting Marine Ali (the delightful Ruby Rose: John Wick Chapter 2; xXx; Return of Xander Cage; Batwoman) returns to New York City, disheartened and unemployed.

Her Uncle Pat (Philip Whitchurch), is working as a handyman in the old Carrington Hotel that was turned into luxury apartments many years before but is now undergoing a complete refurbishment. He suggests she contacts his manager Borz Blasevic (Aksel Hennie) to apply for a job as a doorman.

Ruby Rose is at her
combative best
in a gripping thriller
that bursts at the seams
with high tension
and surprises...”
Her brother-in-law Jon Stanton (Rupert Evans), a widower since the death of Ali's sister, lives in one of the apartments along with his two children: Max (Julian Feder) and Lily (Kila Lord Cassidy), but Ali has not seen them for a long time.

She approaches shifty-looking Blasevic, who agrees to take her on and it looks as though she will have a peaceful, safe and routine job, albeit potentially boring.

However, still haunted by the attack on her charges, Ali is in for a nasty surprise. Uncle Pat is giving up his evening to help an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Hersch (Petre Moraru and Delianne Forget) and Ali is visiting Jon and the children in their apartment, unaware that all is far from well in the old hotel and very soon they will be in danger of losing their lives.

Cold-blooded French criminal Victor Dubois (the wonderful acting legend Jean Reno: Léon; The Professional; Ronin) seeks to discover the whereabouts of some stolen art masterpieces he believes Bernard Hersch, who is infirm having suffered a stroke, is hiding — and he will stop at nothing to find the valuable paintings.

Soon Ali draws on her experiences in the Marines to fight to keep her family safe and, using hidden passages that her nephew discovered in the hotel, risks her life in a bloody battle to protect them all.

Ruby Rose is experienced in high-octane roles and as her character tries to keep one jump ahead of the character played by Jean Reno, acting his most villainous role yet, the action becomes more intense; especially when it becomes obvious that there may be no way out and that she should trust no-one.

With no retreat possible, Ali has no choice but, with the help of her nephew, to outwit and outsmart the art thieves who are growing increasingly desperate and violent. Using the special fighting skills she was taught in the Marines in order to eliminate the criminal gang, she begins to realise just how ruthless the men are and she has to pull out every trick in the book as she fights her way towards the explosive conclusion.

Ruby Rose is at her combative best in a gripping thriller that bursts at the seams with high tension and surprises, not least of which is the rare appearance of Jean Reno as a ruthless villain. You'll be burning to know the ending!

The Doorman also features: Louis Mandylor as Martinez; Dan Southworth as Pee-Wee; Hideaki Itô as Leo; David Sakurai as Andre; Howard Dell as Laughlin; Tibi Hårsan as Carlton; Andreea Vasile as The Ambassador; and Andreea Valentina Androna as Nira.

Music is Composed and Produced by Aldo Shllaku; Director of Photography is Matthias Schubert; Written by Lior Chefetz, Joe Swanson and Devon Rose; Story by Matthew McAllester and Gregory Williams; Produced by Jason Moring, Harry Winer, Michael Philip, Shayne Putzlocher and Sara Shaak; and Directed by cult favourite Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus; The Midnight Meat Train).

* The Doorman is released in the UK by LionsGate UK on Digital Download on 18 January 2021 and on DVD on 25 January 2021. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 93 Minutes Approximately. Special Features: In Service of Others| Reflections of the Cast.

"Ruby Rose is at her combative best in a gripping thriller that bursts at the seams with high tension and surprises…" **** Maggie Woods, MotorBar