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The English Teacher
The English Teacher   “A 45-year-old spinster with a mundane
  life absorbs herself with her much-loved
  job as an English teacher, but her daily
  routine is disrupted and her life turned
  inside out when she offers to read a
  manuscript for a play written by a former
  pupil in the hilarious film The English

ACCEPTING OF HER PREDICTABLY DULL days, forty-something spinster Linda Sinclair (Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore: Hunger Games Mockingjay; Crazy, Stupid Love) teaches English at Kingston High School in Kingston, Pennsylvania, not far from where she was born.

But her monotonous life as a loner hides a passionate and romantic side that seems doomed never to be revealed as she searches fruitlessly for a significant other. As each potential partner arrives, she marks him mentally as if marking her pupils.

The English Teacher
is a brilliantly creative,
funny and highly
entertaining film...”
One evening, believing she is about to be mugged at a cash machine, she fires pepper spray at a young man in a hoodie before realising that he is a former pupil, Jason Sherwood (Michael Angarano: Almost Famous), who left Kingston for New York University where he graduated in Dramatic Writing but has failed in his attempt to get a play he has written accepted.

Jason has written The Chrysalis, which he claims is based on his own experiences and Linda offers to read his work, becoming so enthusiastic that she is determined to persuade the school to put on the play. She now has an exciting role to play that releases the passion and the verve lacking in her life.

Having convinced Drama teacher Carl Kapinas (Nathan Lane: The Birdcage), they both go to see Principal Trudie Slocam (Jessica Hecht) and Vice Principal Phil Pelaski (Norbert Leo Butz), who insist the controversial ending is changed and that if the production goes over budget, Linda will foot the bill. Linda foolishly agrees, knowing that Jason is precious about his work being altered and not realising that the costs will spiral.

Carl organises the cast, with Halle Anderson (Lily Collins: Mirror, Mirror; Stuck In Love) and Will Trainer (Charlie Saxton) in the lead parts, but following a misunderstanding with Jason's father Dr Tom Sherwood (the consistently wonderful Greg Kinnear: Little Miss Sunshine; Stuck In Love) and an indiscretion that leads to her dismissal from the job she loves, Linda finds herself the subject of school gossip and at loggerheads with Jason.

Will Linda be able to get her life back in order and find love at last? The English Teacher is a brilliantly creative, funny and highly entertaining film with an occasional, amusing narration by Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter).

The English Teacher also features: Nikki Blondski as Sheila Nussbaum and Sophie Curtis as Fallon Hughes. Music is by Rob Simonsen; Music Supervisor is Linda Cohen; Director of Photography is Vanja Cernjul; Produced by Naomi Despres, Robert Salerno, Ben LeClair and Matthew Chausse; Executive producers include Ron Curtis and Philippe Chausse; and Directed by Craig Zisk, whose impressive television work includes Weeds, Scrubs and the Emmy Award-winning The Big C.

* The English Teacher will be released on DVD in the UK from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on 3 March 2014. Catalogue Number: KAL8327 | RRP: 15.99.

"The English Teacher is a brilliantly creative, funny and highly entertaining film" Maggie Woods