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The Escape Artist
The Escape Artist“A young, talented junior barrister
  becomes Number One in legal circles
  as he wins every case; but after he
  helps to free an unsavoury oddball
  accused of a shocking and sadistic
  murder, his family is cruelly torn apart
  forever in The Escape Artist..

THE LIFE OF HIGHLY-GIFTED JUNIOR BARRISTER Will Burton (David Tennant: Dr Who; The Woman In Black) is violently and terrifyingly shattered after he successfully defends a sinister loner, Liam Foyle (Toby Kebbell: Dead Man's Shoes), who is accused of the brutal murder of a young woman.

Will, who has never lost a case and is much in demand, justifies his work in the belief that everyone has a right to defence and as his genius blossoms his conscience remains clear little suspecting that his words will come back to haunt him and that things will go horribly and tragically wrong for him.

“The Escape Artist
is a clever, gripping
and suspenseful drama
with an unexpected
shock conclusion
Just as he is leaving for a break away at his country cottage with his wife Kate (Ashley Jensen: Extras) and nine-year-old son Jamie (Gus Barry, handling a demanding role with ease), Will is handed the case of the dreadful murder of which Foyle stands accused and explores every angle until he is certain he can clear him.

But as Foyle walks free, he puts in a complaint against Will and the barrister is suspended. Then Will's closest rival and Number Two barrister Margaret "Maggie" Gardner (Sophie Okonedo: May Day) is brought in to defend Foyle on a second murder charge that is closer to home for Will.

Despite being suspended, Will collaborates with his friend at the legal firm, Danny Monk (Stephen Wight), to pass on his expertise to the prosecuting legal team. But things go wrong when Maggie is appointed as defence barrister and the psychologically invasive and physically imposing Foyle looks set to walk free a second time.

The nightmare continues for Will as he plays a reluctant and deadly cat-and-mouse game with Foyle one which he is determined to win, no matter what it takes. He needs to find Foyle's Achilles heel and destroy the alibi Foyle's besotted spinster neighbour Eileen Morris (Monica Dolan) has provided for him.

Putting himself in danger and setting things in motion for a vengeful conclusion, the talented barrister known as The Escape Artist pieces together a plan that he believes will stop Foyle in his tracks. Forever.

But can Will use his talents to full advantage and bring down the murderer who has destroyed his life? The Escape Artist is a clever, gripping and suspenseful drama with an unexpected shock conclusion.

Having won best actor award for Broadchurch at the TV Choice Awards, Man of the Moment David Tennant gives a flawless performance in the brand new BBC drama The Escape Artist, which is written by David Wolstencroft (Spooks).

The very creditable cast also includes: Brid Brennan as Mary; Katie Dickie as Jenny; Tony Gardner as Trevor Harris; Anton Lesser as Richard Mayfield QC; Roy Marsden as Peter Simkins; Alistair Petrie as Julian Fowkes QC; and Patrick Ryecourt as Gavin De Souza QC.

The Escape Artist is Created and Written by David Wolstencroft; Composer is Nicholas Hooper; Director of Photography is David Higgs BSC; Produced by Paul Frift and Hilary Bevan Jones; Directed by Brian Welsh.

* The spellbinding drama The Escape Artist is released on DVD in the UK on 18 November 2013. Running Time: 258 Minutes Approximately | 2 Discs | Catalogue Number: DVD: AV3131 | RRP: 19.99. Special Features Include: Interviews with Cast and Crew and B-Roll Footage.

"The Escape Artist is a clever, gripping and suspenseful drama with an unexpected shock conclusion" Maggie Woods