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The Fall
The Fall“A serial killer is targeting attractive
  dark-haired women who live on their
  own and the local Police need someone
  special to lead the investigation: cue
  a tough, no-nonsense female senior
  officer with the Metropolitan Police who
  will leave not a stone unturned until
  she has found the man responsible in
  the BBC television series The Fall..

A DEPRAVED, CUNNING KILLER is at large in and around Belfast, breaking into the homes of young single, professional women to check them out before returning to murder them for his own sexual gratification.

Having been unable to close the high-profile murder case due to a lack of evidence, the Police Service of Northern Ireland turn to the Metropolitan Police and Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson (the superb, dead-pan Emmy and Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson: The X Files; Great Expectations) who arrives in Belfast on secondment to conduct a review of a case that seems to be going nowhere.

A first-class crime
thriller, well-paced,
and darkly reminiscent
of Scandinavian
Jim Burns (John Lynch: Labyrinth), Assistant Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland welcomes Stella, with whom he had an affair some years earlier. She is to work with the well qualified Garrett Brink (Frank McCusker) and Jerry McElroy (Simon Delaney), who has been involved with the case from the beginning.

The killer, who we now know is family man Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan: Once Upon A Time; Shadows In The Sun), has murdered Fiona Gallagher and his most recent victim is thirty-two-year-old promising architect Alice Monroe (Gemma McCorry), whose father is Chair of the Independent Policing Executive and whose brother Aaron seems to have something to hide.

Each time Spector targets a young, dark-haired professional woman; he breaks into her home and steals items of clothing or jewellery and a photograph, assaults and murders his victim and leaves after thoroughly cleaning the body and the room.

So far there has been nothing to indicate who the killer is, but Stella after being momentarily sidetracked by luring James Olson (Ben Peel) to her hotel room for a one-night stand very quickly begins to piece things together, linking the murders and giving a profile of the killer.

Then lawyer Sarah Kay (Laura Donnelly: Insatiable) becomes the killer's next victim, following a break-in which she has reported to the Police, and an unexpected event causes Spector to contact the Police and Stella with the help of meticulous pathologist Tanya Reed Smith (convincingly played by Archie Panjabi: The Good Wife) is soon hot on his tail.

Chillingly, Spector has the perfect cover. As a loving husband to nurse Sally Ann (Bronagh Waugh) and a devoted father to Liam (David Beattie) and Olivia (Sarah Beattie), and his job as a bereavement counsellor, he believes he is safe; his only problem is a teenaged babysitter, Katie (Aisling Franciosi, playing a believable Lolita).

This is Belfast; and the Troubles are not over for everyone. The death of a policeman, a sectarian killing, has consequences for Stella. And even Spector himself is not immune to serious threats of violence when he visits a client in the 'wrong' area.

The Fall is a first-class crime thriller, well-paced, perfectly-cast, and darkly reminiscent of Scandinavian noir. A modern, top-level murder investigation revealing how Police teams work when faced with their worst nightmare, The Fall is a rich and complex police drama that cleverly exploits the cat-and-mouse game (with some nudity and several disturbing scenes).

The Fall is an enthralling drama that forensically examines the lives of two hunters: one a serial killer that stalks his victims at random; the other a high-powered detective superintendent brought in to catch him. This five-part series hit television screens and became BBC Two's biggest drama series launched in eight years.

Also featured in The Fall: Michael Mcelhatton as Rob Breedlove; Niamh McGrady as Danielle Ferrington; Gerard McCarthy as Brian Stone; Nick Lee as Ned Callan; and Karen Hassen as Annie Brawley.

Music is by Unloved; Director of Photography is Ruairķ O'Brian; Created and Written by Allan Cubitt; Co-Producers are: Fergus Haycock and Kok-Yee Yau; Produced by Gub Neal and Julian Stevens; and Directed by Jakob Verbruggen.

* A gripping psychological thriller from the BBC, The Fall stars a strong supporting cast and is written by the exceptional Allan Cubitt (Prime Suspect 2; The Boys Are Back) and it is released courtesy of Acorn Media on DVD and Blu-ray on 17 June 2013. Running Time: 293 Minutes Approximately on 2 discs | Catalogue Number DVD: AV3083; Blu-ray: AB2008 | RRP DVD: £19.99; Blu-ray: £25.99.

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"The Fall is a first-class crime thriller, well-paced, perfectly-cast and darkly reminiscent of Scandinavian noir" Maggie Woods

"Thoughtful, brooding, clever, tense, bleak, character-based but also scary as hell!" The Guardian

"It's fantastically gripping, unexpected and creepy" Mail On Sunday