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The Fall Series Two
The Fall Series TwoLast year’s ground-breaking TV drama
  The Fall was a hugely successful and
  gripping thriller unfolding in five
  compelling episodes, as a psychotic
  serial killer kept one step ahead of his
  pursuers, led by a glamorous female
  Detective Superintendent who has her
  own issues — so now catch up with the
  equally-exciting The Fall Series Two

TAUNTING THE POLICE as he manages to elude arrest once again, psychotic serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan: Fifty Shades of Grey) is convinced he is bulletproof. With estranged wife Sally Anne (Bronagh Waugh) giving him a reluctant alibi, the Police cannot touch him and by the end of The Fall Series One he is enjoying goading the officer-in-charge, glamorous and amoral tough cookie DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson: The X Files).

The Fall Series Two begins ten days later, when Spector a seemingly-sympathetic counsellor returns to Belfast to tie up the loose ends that could lead the Police to him; but he has a dangerous enemy who is out to get even with him. James Tyler (Brian Milligan), whose wife Liz (Séainín Brennan) was one of his clients whom he counselled and who subsequently left her husband, will not rest until he has found out where his estranged wife now lives.

Among the best of
psychological thrillers,
The Fall has echoes
of the rare depth
and quality of Nordic
Noir; a tremendously
tense, compulsive
don’t-miss series...”
Spector's former girlfriend Rose Stagg (Valene Kane) has passed information about their relationship to the Police and while the killer walks free she is in the utmost danger. Although one of Spector's victims, Annie Brawley (Karen Hassan), has survived, she is so traumatised that she cannot recall anything that could identify her attacker.

The ice-cool Stella seems to have developed a morbid fascination for evil psychopath Spector. To all intents and purposes he appears to be a good father to his children Liam (David Beattie) and Olivia (Sarah Beattie), but as Stella seeks answers from the killer's past and he plays psychological mind games with the task force, he encourages the attentions of his children's former babysitter, teenager Kate Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi), who has long held an unhealthily obsession for him and believes that he is in love with her.

Stella has a racy past that includes an affair with the Assistant Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Jim Burns (John Lynch), who is responsible for bringing her over to Belfast from London's Metropolitan Police to work alongside him. He is still attracted to her but she rejects him and instead seduces young DS Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan), whom she uses to interview Kate in the belief that his resemblance to Spector may persuade her to help the Police with their enquiries.

Following up on leads, Jim interviews the obstructive defrocked and imprisoned paedophile priest Father Jensen (Sean McGinley), who ran the orphanage where Spector then known as Peter Baldwin had spent his childhood before being adopted by the Spectors.

Colleagues fall under Stella's spell, but Spector may have an edge as she has discovered, to her horror, that he has broken into her hotel room and has read her private journal containing her innermost secrets that go back to childhood and her difficult relationship with her father.

Nevertheless Spector becomes careless. When Rose Stagg disappears, Stella believes that her life is at risk. The task force have failed to put the killer behind bars and, as the investigation gathers pace, time is running out along with the hope of preventing further murders and there may be terrifying consequences.

Will Spector get the better of Stella yet again or is he heading for a fall? In an old abandoned house reluctant to give up its ghosts, Stella uses her keen senses; an almost psychic intuition in her determination to nail Spector and find the missing Rose. Preferably alive…

Among the best of psychological thrillers, The Fall has echoes of the rare depth and quality of Nordic Noir; a tremendously tense, compulsive don't-miss series. The five episodes of the first series was BBC2's most watched drama in 2013 and attracted more than four million viewers. This complex cat-and-mouse thriller will have you hooked from the start as the tough, but sometimes emotional, Stella Gibson pits her wits against evil psychopath Paul Spector. Contains some violence and sexual content.

The Fall Series Two also features: Niamh McGrady as Danielle Ferrington; Emmett J Scanlan as Glen Martin; Archie Panjani as Reed Smith; Stuart Graham as Matt Eastwood; Sionham McSweeney as Mary McCurdy; Bronagh Taggart as Gail McNally; Ian McElhinney as Morgan Monroe; Claire Rafferty as Christine Larkin; Jonjo O'Neill as Tom Stagg; Lisa Duffy as Forensic Scientist; and Pauline Hutton as Lisa Benedetto.

Series Music by Keefus Ciancia and David Holmes; Series Cinematography by Ruairi O'Brien; Produced by Gub Neal and Julian Stevens; Executive Producers are Allan Cubitt, Patrick Irwin and Justin Thomson-Glover; Written, Created and Directed by Allan Cubitt.

* Hailed as the most talked about series of the year, The Fall is released on DVD and Blu-ray by RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Label following its run on BBC2 on 26 December 2014. The Fall Series Two comes in two-disc sets; The Fall Complete Series One and Two Box Set will be released exclusively on DVD also on 26 December 2014.

Product Details

DVD Running Time: 360 Minutes approximately on 2 Discs | Catalogue Number: AV3185 | RRP: £19.99.

Blu-ray Running Time: 360 Minutes approximately on 2 Discs | Catalogue Number: AB2013 | RRP: £24.99. Special features: Behind The Scenes with Cast and Crew Feature.

"Among the best of psychological thrillers, The Fall has echoes of the rare depth and quality of Nordic Noir; a tremendously tense, compulsive don't-miss series" Maggie Woods

"Enthralling… Feels like the most sophisticated drama on British television *****" The Telegraph

"Utterly mesmerising" The Guardian

"Brilliantly gripping" Daily Mail