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The House Across The Lake
The  House Across The Lake “An author with writer’s block takes
  a bungalow in the English Lake District
  in search of a peaceful location in which
  to finish his novel; but he becomes
  inextricably and fatefully involved with
  the beautiful, devious wife of his wealthy
  neighbour in the British noir thriller
  The House Across The Lake

WHILE RENTING A BUNGALOW on Lake Windermere where he plans to complete the first few chapters of his latest book in solitude, novelist Mark Kendrick (Alex Nicol) becomes intrigued by High Wray, the large house across the lake.

The owners, wealthy Beverley Forrest (a pre-Carry On Sid James demonstrating his craft in a serious acting role) and his beautiful blonde wife Carol (American screen siren Hillary Brooke: The Woman In Green) hold parties most nights for their many friends, disturbing the tranquillity of the lakeside.

One night former model Carol telephones Mark to see if he would be able to help some stranded guests, Frank (Hugh Dempster) and his latest girlfriend, by bringing them across the lake in his launch.

The House
Across The Lake
is a creditable
and atmospheric
film noir
with a sympathetic
cast and
masterful tension...”
Once there Mark, who is desperately short of money and needs to keep both his agent Harry Stevens (Peter Illing) and his publishers happy, spends the night playing billards with Beverley, forging a close friendship.

Beverley tells Mark that Carol collects artists like some people collect butterflies and that she is currently seeing the pianist, Vincent Gordon (Paul Carpenter).

There is clearly no love lost between Carol and Andrea (Susan Stephen), Beverley's daughter from his first marriage, but Mark despite his avowed intention to keep away from "bad blondes" cannot resist Carol's flirting and falls dangerously under her spell as she draws him in to her wicked scheming with dire consequences.

Having initially been shocked by Carol's outrageous behaviour in front of her husband, Mark is even more upset when he finds out that Beverley has a serious heart condition. However, he is to discover too late how calculating and manipulative Carol can be and just how far she is prepared to go in order to get what she wants.

Billed with the heading "her blood runs hot, but her heart is cold", The House Across The Lake is a creditable and atmospheric film noir with a sympathetic cast and masterful tension. Hillary Brooke is a consummate femme fatale, in this early feature by Emmy-winning writer-director Ken Hughes; and one of a series of now highly regarded B-movies jointly financed by Hammer Films and American Producer Robert L Lippert.

The House Across The Lake (also known as Heat Wave) also features: Alan Wheatley as Inspector MacLennan; Gordon McLeod as Doctor Emery; Joan Hickson as Mrs Hardcastle; and John Sharp as Mr Hardcastle.

Music Composed and Conducted by Ivor Slaney; Director of Photography is Walter Harvey, BSC; Screenplay is by Ken Hughes, based on his novel High Wray; Produced by Anthony Hinds; and Directed by Ken Hughes.

* Hammer's The House Across The Lake is released in the UK on DVD, presented in a brand-new digital transfer, as part of The British Film Collection from Network Releasing on 18 August 2014. Screen Ratio 1.33:1 B&W | Catalogue Number: 7954166 | RRP: 9.99. Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailer | Image Gallery | Instant Play Facility.

"The House Across The Lake is a creditable and atmospheric film noir with a sympathetic cast and masterful tension"
Maggie Woods