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The Hunter
The Hunter“Sent from Europe to the Tasmanian
  wilderness by a mysterious bio-tech
  company to hunt for the last Tasmanian
  Tiger, a mercenary begins to question
  his task as he faces danger, finds
  compassion and experiences a terrible
  tragedy in the engrossing thriller The

ARRIVING IN TASMANIA UNDER COVER of researching Tasmanian Devils, mercenary Martin David (sympathetically played by Academy Award-nominee Willem Dafoe: Spider-Man; The English Patient; Platoon) is given the task of tracking down the presumed-extinct Tasmanian Tiger by Red Leaf, a military biotech company — and there is no room for mistakes.

Believed extinct since 1936, reports of sightings persist and Martin's client gives him precise instructions of the body parts of the Tasmania Tiger they want.

The Hunter is a riveting
and captivating thriller
about the merciless hunt
for the last surviving
Tasmanian Tiger...”
Martin arrives at his lodgings to find they are very basic and two children Katie, known as Sass (Morgana Davies) and her mute brother Jamie, known as Bike (Finn Woodlock) greet him as their mother Lucy Armstrong (the lovely Frances O'Connor: Blessed; Artificial Intelligence: AI; Mansfield Park) is in bed in a drink and tranquilliser-induced stupor.

Lucy's husband Jarrah (Marc Watson-Paul) has disappeared after going up into the mountains and she is finding it hard to cope. Jack Bindy (Sam Neill: The Dish; Jurassic Park; The Piano) offers his services as a guide to Martin, but is he all he seems to be?

Receiving a hostile reception from the locals, Martin discovers that Jarrah was a conservationist who disliked the way the trees were being indiscriminately hacked down for industry. The people in the town, however, were more concerned with the work the logging was bringing in and there had been a number of clashes between the two factions.

Keeping his mission a secret, Martin goes quietly about his work. This enigmatic man, who loves classical music and who bonds with Lucy's young children, is to solve the mystery of Jarrah's disappearance and is to come face-to-face with his own destiny.

Using his hunting skills and a surprisingly-helpful drawing from young Bike, Martin finds himself in a remote and dangerous land where he is himself being hunted. But it is ultimately a terrible tragedy that leads him to seek forgiveness and redemption for past misdeeds but is it too late?

The Hunter is a riveting and captivating thriller that draws you into the mind and heart of the complex lead character. Willem Dafoe brilliantly portrays the tough guy who has led an immoral life but has more depth than anyone could imagine, while the gentle Frances O'Connor and child stars Morgana and Finn are excellent foils.

The Hunter also features: Jacek Koman as Middleman; Callan Mulvey as Rival Hunter; Dan Spielman as Simon; and Jamie Timony as Free. Director of Photography is Robert Humphreys, ACS; Screenplay is by Alice Addison; Original Adaptation by Wain Fimeri and Daniel Nettheim, Based on the novel The Hunter by Julia Leigh; Produced by V-incent Sheehan; and Directed by Daniel Nettheim.

The Hunter is released on DVD & Blu-ray on 29 October 2012. Running Time: 101 Minutes | RRP: DVD 15.99; Blu-ray 19.99.

Special Features: Interview With Willem Dafoe | The Making Of The Hunter | Trailer.

"The Hunter is a riveting and captivating thriller that draws you into the mind and heart of the complex lead character" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A gripping thriller" Independent On Sunday

"Willem Dafoe excels" The Telegraph

**** Daily Telegraph

**** Daily Mirror