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The Kettering Incident
The Kettering Incident A doctor returns from London to her
  home town in Tasmania, determined to
  find out what really happened when,
  as children cycling through the forest,
  her best friend disappeared in
  mysterious circumstances that left her
  traumatised, suffering memory loss
  and disturbing flashbacks in the
  riveting thriller series The Kettering

DESPERATE TO FIND THE ANSWERS to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her best friend in the Kettering Forest and her own subsequent ailments that left her needing medication, haematologist Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki: The Night Manager; Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2) returns to her home town in Tasmania.

When Anna was a child, she and her best friend Gillian (Anna McGahan/Miranda Bennett) saw lights and heard strange noises while they were cycling through the forest. Gillian ran off towards the lights, never to be seen again, and Anna could never remember what happened. Traumatised by the incident, she had suffered nose bleeds and alarming blackouts ever since.

A strangely riveting
ride with
finely-paced tension,
The Kettering Incident
is an edgy mystery
thriller set against
the striking Tasmanian
While working at a London hospital she would behave irrationally, sometimes losing hours when she blacked out. Her colleague Dr Tim Edwards (Nathan Lovejoy) could not understand what was wrong with her and matters were coming to a head.

Once back in Kettering, on the isolated island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia, Anna finds herself in a strange car in the middle of nowhere having suffered another blackout. She is given a lift to a diner, where she rapidly realises she is far from welcome, although teenaged Chloë Holloway (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) offers her a lift.

Anna's father, retired policeman Roy (Anthony Phelan), with whom she has a difficult relationship, doesn't even seem to be pleased to see her after her fifteen-year absence. Anna's mother is in an asylum, unable to speak, and when Anna tries to see Dr Fiona McKenzie (Kris McQuade), who treated Anna a few hours after she was found alone, she is told the doctor has left her practice.

Anna's former boyfriend Dane Sullivan (Dylan Young) is still involved with drug-running, but is anxious not to upset the man who pays him. She renews her friendship with Fergus McFadden (Henry Nixon), now a Senior Constable working with Senior Detective Brian Dutch (Matthew Le Nevez), and is quickly coming to realise something strange is going on in Kettering, where rumours of what happened that night still persist.

A number of people have been diagnosed with cancer and nobody seems willing to talk about the strange events around Gillian's disappearance, other than to suggest that Anna may have had something to do with it.

Anna's father seems to be involved in a conspiracy with timber mill owner Max Holloway (Damien Garvey), who is desperate for a new contract to keep the mill open. Max receives an anonymous note telling him that he has messed up and that he and his family will pay for his "sinister crime in the forest".

The "Greenies" are trying to prevent Max from cutting down any more trees, thus ruining his livelihood and the lives of his many workers from the town. Max's wife Barbara (Sacha Horler) is the sister of Gillian's mother Renae Baxter (Suzi Dougherty), who also believes that Anna knows more than she is saying about her daughter's disappearance.

Chloe has always told her friend Eliza Grayson (Tilda Cobham-Hervey), whose father Craig (Ben Oxenbould) does not approve of their friendship, that she wants to leave but has not had the opportunity. She says her mother says it is like Hotel California in that "you can never leave".

The strange lights and noises seem to come from the area of Mother Sullivan's Ridge, where there is an abandoned house. Some claim UFO sightings but there are secrets in Kettering that certain townsfolk want to remain buried.

Is Anna in danger or is she a danger to others? Does she need to be certified like her mother or is there something bad happening in Kettering? And now, while attending a party with Anna, 17-year old Chloë has gone missing. It has started all over again…

Strange lights, ghostly whispers and the perfect music to keep the tension going. The Kettering Incident has been compared to the much-lauded Twin Peaks and Stranger Things. A strangely riveting ride with finely-paced tension, The Kettering Incident is an edgy mystery thriller set against the striking Tasmanian scenery.

The Kettering Incident also features: Daman Gameau as Jens Jorgensson; Brad Kannegiesser as Adam Holloway; Alison Whyte as Deb Russell; Nigel Piggot as Dominic Harrold; Kevin MacIssac as Travis Kingston; and Maddison Brown as Young Anna Macy.

Music Composed by Max Lyandvert and Matteo Zingales; Cinematography by Ari Wegner; Created by Victoria Madden and Vincent Sheehan; Written by Victoria Madden, Cate Shortland, Andrew Knight and Louise Fox; Produced by Vincent Sheehan and Andrew Walker; Producer/Showrunner is Victoria Madden; and Directed by Rowan Woods and Tony Krawitz.

* The gripping new mystery drama The Kettering Incident recently aired on Sky Atlantic to critical acclaim and is now, on 10 April 2016, released on DVD and Digital HD in the UK, courtesy of Dazzler Media. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 360 Minutes on 3 Discs | Catalogue Number: DAZD0306 | RRP: £14.99.

"A strangely riveting ride with finely-paced tension, The Kettering Incident is an edgy mystery thriller set against the striking Tasmanian scenery" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Tasmania's answer to Twin Peaks… richly atmospheric" — The Guardian

"Compelling and psychically terrifying… Like David Lynch, Madden has stylized the world to be a sinister place. What at first seems familiar over the course of the series grows stranger and stranger" —