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The Level
The Level A dedicated feisty female detective
  with a troubled family background has
  a secret that could jeopardise her
  career; but it is a risk she is willing
  to take, even putting her life in danger
  to uncover the murderer of her
  schoolfriend’s drug-trafficking, corrupt
  businessman father in the exciting
  and compulsive series The Level...”

HAVING BEEN BROUGHT UP BY alcoholic ex-policeman father Gill (Gary Lewis: Outlander; Silent Witness) and fragile mother Teresa (Suzanne Packer), Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin (Karla Crome: Prisoners' Wives; Murder) puts her murky, disturbed past behind her and plays it straight down the line as far as she can, earning herself a merit for outstanding bravery in the line of duty.

A dedicated officer with a spotless record, she nevertheless has an attachment to drugs trafficker and corrupt haulage company owner Frank Le Saux (Philip Glenister: Prey; Ashes to Ashes) — a link that she is not prepared to sever under any circumstances and that is to lead to her putting both her career and her life at risk.

An absolutely brilliant
piece of crime drama
served on a bed
of secrets and lies,
The Level
keeps you guessing...”
When Frank Le Saux is murdered during a meeting with Nancy and she is shot, the father figure she valued is gone before her eyes and she has become traumatised and vulnerable. She is forced to cover up her injury in order to hide her involvement with Frank and protect her secret. But somebody is not going to let her off lightly.

Nancy's mother is in a psychiatric unit in London and when Nancy is asked to help East Sussex Homicide to investigate Frank's murder she returns to Brighton where she finds herself drawn deeper into her double life than she had ever thought possible.

Moving back into her father's home, Nancy reconnects with Frank's newly-divorced daughter Hayley Svrcek (Laura Haddock: Guardians of the Galaxy; The Inbetweeners Movie) and his defensive widow Cherie (Amanda Burton: Waterloo Road; Silent Witness).

She throws herself into the investigation, questioning Hayley's brother Tate (Cian Binchy), who has learning difficulties and a development disorder and is in a home for supported living, who may have some information about Darryl Quinn (Lorne MacFadyen), who used to drive for Frank and knew Tate well.

Unsurprisingly, Nancy's love life is as complicated as her background; with colleague DS Kevin O'Dowd (Robert James Collier: Downton Abbey; Coronation Street) reluctant to get too involved with someone who seems confused about what she wants. But will he and dishy new colleague Sean "Gunner" Martin (Noel Clarke: Brotherhood; Dr Who) cover for her unconditionally?

Unsure if she can confide in anyone, Nancy begins to work secretly; but finds herself under the scrutiny of her boss, DCI Michelle Newman (Lindsey Coulson: Eastenders; Casualty). Now Nancy is being stalked by someone who knows just a little too much and she is in grave danger.

Not knowing who she can trust, she has nobody to turn to. The killer could come from any of Frank's worlds; either someone he has crossed in a business deal or someone involved with drugs. How does Delia Bradley (Kelly Harrison), a customs officer who works out of Newhaven, connect to Frank?

Nancy's former boyfriend Shay Nash (Joe Absolom: Doc Martin; Eastenders), who blighted Nancy's youth and had goods destined for his supposed medical supply company on one of Frank's lorries that has gone missing, may have been pushed hard enough by Frank to finish him off for good. Frank's money man, the sinister Theo Kettler (Rupert Proctor), would have known about the businessman's dealings and may have his own agenda.

Finally evidence is recovered at the scene of the crime that could link Nancy to the murder. Then another killing, apparently involving the missing Le Saux lorry, throws more questions into the mix, and what is the "gold mine" that Frank promised his family?

And then Nancy makes a shocking discovery…

Set against a backdrop of Brighton with its sad skeletal remains of the beautiful West Pier, the ITV six-part series The Level is a gripping detective thriller at its best. On the light side but an absolutely brilliant piece of crime drama served on a bed of secrets and lies, The Level keeps you guessing to the final episode as a likeable female detective tries to track down a murderer before he finds her.

The Level also features: Geoff Bell as Duncan Elliot; Ruth Madeley (Fresh Meat; BAFTA-nominated for Don't Take My Baby) as secretary Julie; Grace Pennington as Romany Svrcek; and Alfie Pennington as Thane Svrcek.

Composer is Jack Arnold; Director of Photography is Ben Wheeler; Created and Written by Gaby Chiappe (Vera; Lark Rise to Candleford) and Alexander Perrin (Leonardo; Shetland); Producer is Jane Dauncey; Produced by BAFTA winning Hillbilly Television (Downton Abbey; Second Coming); and Directed by Mark Everest and Andy Goddard.

* Described as unmissable British drama at its most enthralling, The Level is released by RJL Entertainment on DVD in the UK, on 14 November 2016. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 300 Minutes Approximately on 2 Discs | Catalogue Number: AV3311 | RRP: £24.99.

"An absolutely brilliant piece of crime drama served on a bed of secrets and lies, The Level keeps you guessing" ~ Maggie Woods