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The Out-Laws
The Out-LawsYou can choose your friends but you
  can’t choose your family; or, for that
  matter, your siblings’ partners, and when
  four women find out just what manner
  of man their sister has married they are
  driven to do something drastic about it
  in the smash hit Belgian black comedy
  crime drama series The Outlaws

IT'S THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE. Following the death of their parents in a tragic road accident, elder sister Eva Goethal (Barbara Sarafian), then aged 19, brings up her four younger sisters and the five of them are inseparable until the arrival of "Le Kloot".

The sisters quickly learn to despise the obnoxious, crude, bigoted, critical, cruel and downright disgusting Jean-Claude Delcorps (Dirk Roothooft), whose marriage to the long-suffering Goedele (Inge Paulussen), whom he constantly belittles, drives a wedge between the sisters — all of whom have personal issues and very sound reasons for wishing Jean-Claude would drop dead.

The midnight-black
comedy drama
 The Outlaws
follows the attempts of
four sisters to rid the world of their horrendous
a fantastically funny
series that will leave you
Eva desperately wants children but is infertile following an horrendous incident that broke up of her relationship and caused her to have a breakdown. She is also in line for promotion at work, where she works with Jean-Claude, but some personal information is being fed to her boss that ensures she will not be offered a higher position.

Veerle (Kristine Van Pellicom) is a nurse, ostensibly happily married to Wouter (Mathius Scheepers) with three children; but all is not as it seems as Veerle is having an affair with a family friend. And someone knows her secret.

Birgit (Ruth Becquart), known as Bibi and a former crossbow champion, is married to Boris (Steve Geerts) with two children and lost an eye in an unfortunate incident that we learn more about in a later episode.

Youngest sister Rebekka (Maaike Neuville), known as Bekka, works as a masseuse and changes her boyfriends as often as her clothes until she meets Mathias Dewitt (Geert Van Rampelberg), who with his brother Thomas (Robbie Cleiren) is investigating the Goethal's insurance claims. Is Bekka's relationship too close for comfort?

The Outlaws begins in the quiet town of Vredegem with the much-hated 50-year-old brother-in-law's funeral, at which his non-existent virtues are extolled. Although there are many who had reason to wish Jean-Claude "De Kloot" Delcorps six feet under — including the Chinese Mafia, there could not be anyone who loathed him more than Eva, who has suffered unspeakably at his hands. He completely ruined her life, although she has never told anyone her dreadful secret.

Such is the negativity around "De Kloot" that the sisters begin to plot his demise. But their evil brother-in-law who so loves tormenting those around him and generally making people's lives a misery seems to have more lives than a cat and the various attempts to electrocute him, poison him, fake his suicide and blow him up are all thwarted, to the detriment of others and leaving a trail of destruction!

Finally someone succeeds in carrying out the killing — but who did it? Could it be somebody he knows too much about or somebody to whom he has been making disturbing telephone calls, or even somebody he has embarrassed that has finally flipped? Can there be something about the most unpleasant Jean-Claude that his family does not know? You can hear the bones rattling in the closet.

And with bankruptcy looming, will the Dewitt brothers find enough evidence to suggest foul play in order that they may get out of paying "De Kloot"'s widow, who has put in an insurance claim for the death of her husband?

The midnight-black comedy drama The Outlaws follows the attempts of four sisters to rid the world of their horrendous brother-in-law; a fantastically funny series that will leave you flabbergasted. This terrific crime thriller, leaning very much to the black side of comedy, was a huge success in its native Belgium, winning awards for Popular Series and Best Drama at the Belgian BAFTAs. So popular has the series become that an America remake is promised.

Aired as The Outlaws in the UK, Clan is a Flemish Belgian television series that was shown on the Belgian channel VTM in 2012. The celebrated black comedy was broadcast on More4 at 9pm on Friday nights, concluding on Friday 16 September as a complete first season. Can there be more murders?

The Outlaws also features: Stefaan Degand as Roger; Tibo Vandenborre as Ben; Sien Eggers as Hermin; Jaak Van Assche as Valere; Hans De Munter as Meneer; Emilia Florente as Bloeme; and Gert Winckelmans as Frederik.

Music is Composed by Kieran Klaassen; Cinematography by Anton Martens; Writing Credits: Malin-Sarah Gozin (Creator) and Bert Van Dael; Executive Producer is Bert Hamelinck; Producer is Frank Van Passel; and Directed by Nathalie Basteyns and Kaat Beels.

* Nordic Noir & Beyond is delighted to announce the DVD Box Set release in the UK of the Belgian smash hit The Outlaws (Clan) on Monday 19 September 2016. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 512 Minutes over ten episodes | Language: Dutch with English Subtitles | Catalogue Number: FCD1269.

"The midnight-black comedy drama The Outlaws follows the attempts of four sisters to rid the world of their horrendous brother-in-law; a fantastically funny series that will leave you flabbergasted" — Maggie Woods

"…is this the blackest comedy ever?" — The Guardian

"A compulsive whodunit featuring one of the best baddies in TV history" — The Guardian

"Dark, funny and irresistible" — What's On TV