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The Paranormal Incident
The Paranormal IncidentA simple, low-budget film that
  nevertheless achieves a great deal
  of fright-appeal as, with shades of
  the excellent Cloverfield, the exploration
  of a creepily-haunted abandoned
  asylum is filmed by a team of students
  for a college project in The Paranormal

PLANNING A COLLEGE PROJECT to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal in a former mental asylum that is chillingly haunted, a group of young students plan to produce a film but get more than they bargained for.

Armed with cameras and recording equipment, the students enter by the only entrance of the infamous Odenbrook Sanatorium, which was closed sixty years previously, in 1949, after a mass suicide took place there.

The Sanatorium was opened in 1921 to house "those who were deemed not fit for society". A doctor had also died there under strange circumstances and there were reports of voices being heard and shadowy figures being seen in the building.

The Paranormal Incident
is eerily creepy and
stylishly amateurish with
a good deal
of fright-appeal...”
Tess (Sabrina Villalobos) and John (Oliver Rayon) are close friends who believe wholeheartedly in the paranormal and have even set up a little diversion which is to go horribly wrong.

Samantha (Chelsea Vincent), Daniel (Derrick Scott, Blake (Nadia Underwood) and Brennon (Brett Edwards) see the project as a bit of fun, but when on the first night John has to leave, strange and disturbing things start to happen.

One by one, members of the group go missing without a sound. Cell phones mysteriously vanish and when the remaining students panic and try to find their way back to the entrance they find that the maze of corridors and doors they have passed through are no longer there.

Recalling the shockingly-brutal treatment of the patients by some of the staff at the asylum, the students find that they are attracting frightening entities that even the most sceptical among them cannot deny. Flashlights are failing and something or someone begins toying with the group. But it is the results of the camera and sound equipment that make them realise they cannot ignore the truth.

John wakes up four days later in a hospital bed and is unable to recall how he got there. He is covered in blood, cuts and bruises and is experiencing terrifying flashbacks. A lady called Rebecca (Amanda Barton) is questioning him and tells him that his friends have disappeared without trace.

The suggestion is that the confused and frightened John has murdered them all. But as he and Rebecca run through the footage from the cameras, recordings and the building's CCTV, John realises he must piece together what happened from the evidence and his hazy subconscious to discover the truth about the missing days.

Did John really murder his friends in some sort of savage jealous outburst? Or is something more sinister, more frightening, to blame for their disappearances? The truth is somewhere out there…

The Paranormal Incident is eerily creepy and stylishly amateurish with a good deal of fright-appeal. Not too nasty and a little tame but with enough mini-quakes to keep up the pace. The film begins enticingly with credits accompanied by sepia-tinted photographs reminiscent of a silent movie that give the impression of an actual historical event. Spooky stuff.

Director of Photography is Lincoln Lewis; Music is by Alexander Bornstein. Executive Producers include Sabine Villalobes and Janet Saunders. Produced by Rob Filson; Chris W Freeman; and Justin Jones. Story by Chris W Freeman and Matthew Bolt. Written and directed by Matthew Bolt.

The Paranormal Incident is released by Arrow Films on DVD on 23 July 2012. Running Time: 82 Minutes | RRP £12.99. Extras include scene selection and trailer.

"The Paranormal Incident is eerily creepy and stylishly amateurish with a good deal of fright-appeal" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar