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The Red Turtle
The Red Turtle “Combining the magic of Japan’s most
  beloved animation studio, Studio Ghibli,
  and the wonderful gift of storytelling
  by Oscar-winning director Michael
  Dudok de Wit, the delightful and highly-
  acclaimed Oscar-nominated anime
  The Red Turtle is the story of a man
  shipwrecked on a tropical island and
  his fight for survival

IN STUDIO GHIBLI'S FIRST INTERNATIONAL Co-production from Oscar-winning director Michael Dudok de Wit (Father and Daughter), a man is shipwrecked on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs, birds, seals, lizards and millipedes.

The internationally-recognised creative craftsmanship of Studio Ghibli, Japan's most beloved animation studio, combines with the gentle sensibility of Dudok de Wit's storytelling to produce a wonderful and thought-provoking tale; brought to life by Prima Linea's stellar animation team, helmed by Disney veteran Jean-Christophe Lie (Zarafa; Tarzan; Hercules) and the beautiful, wistful, screenplay without dialogue by award-winning French writer and director Pascale Ferran (Lady Chatterley; Bird People).

The Red Turtle
is a delightful animation
with a poignant
message and is ever
beautiful, ever creative,
ever magical...”
Described as a "deeply moving and uplifting story about the power of the human spirit", the opening sequences are of a young man struggling to survive in heaving seas before being washed up on the shore of an island inhabited solely by birds, sea animals and insects.

We are given to understand he has been shipwrecked, thrown up on the shores of an unknown island; the sole survivor and having to make his own way for the unforeseen future.

Curious crabs note his arrival and watch his progress as he searches the island, swims in a lagoon, climbs a tree and finds fruit to eat while birds fly and squawk overhead.

Losing his footing, he falls into a waterlogged cave and manages to find an obscured way out (if you are claustrophobic, look away!); he begins to build a raft and watches newly-hatched baby turtles crawling across the sand in their efforts to reach the sea and safety.

He dreams of an easy way across the sea and of being able to fly. He finds food and feeds the eight crabs that have come to see what he is doing. Finally, he launches the raft and it floats. Success.

But suddenly there is a bang from underneath. A large sea creature has attacked the raft and it is in pieces; and so begins the man's futile attempts to leave the island. In frustration and anger, he commits an atrocity that he is to sorrowfully regret. As he remorsefully attempts to right a wrong, something truly magical happens and you can believe in redemption.

At one point difficult to watch, contrition comes and from the story we begin to understand aspects of life. Maybe we see the island as Earth; we are on this planet to learn and we do make mistakes. We try to survive and we are beset by difficulties, but we press on regardless.

Despite the tragedy, The Red Turtle is a delightful animation with a poignant message and is ever beautiful, ever creative, ever magical. We have come to expect nothing less from Studio Ghibli.

Music by Laurent Perez del Mar; Original Story and Screenplay by Michael Dudok de Wit; Adaptation by Pascale Ferran and Michael Dudok de Wit; Artistic Producer is Isao Takahata; Produced by Toshio Suzuki, Vincent Maraval, Pascale Caucheteux and Gregoire Sorlat; Directed by Michael Dudok de Wit (Father and Daughter).

STUDIOCANAL announces the UK release of the Oscar-nominated and highly-acclaimed The Red Turtle on Digital Download on 18 September 2017 and on DVD and Double Play (Blu-ray & DVD) on 25 September 2017. Certificate: PG | Running Time: 80 Minutes | Extras: The Secrets of The Red Turtle.

"The Red Turtle is a delightful animation with a poignant message and is ever beautiful, ever creative, ever magical" —
***** Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Simply Magnificent" —
***** Mark Kermode, The Observer

*****" — Daily Mirror

*****" — Cinevue

"A visual marvel" —
***** The Hollywood News

"Breathtaking" —
***** The List