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The Rise
The Rise“Intriguing and compelling, the British
  thriller The Rise examines the truth
  behind a baffling crime that may or may
  not have been committed by a suspect
  in Police custody; but is it a miscarriage
  of justice or guilt with extenuating
  circumstances? A seasoned Police
  officer tries to unravel the mystery..

SHOT ON LOCATION IN LEEDS AND YORKSHIRE, The Rise is a terrific British movie from the producers of Cherry Tree Lane and Ill Manors. Originality and stylish presentation puts what is described as a bold take on a much-loved genre in a class of its own.

A highly-anticipated feature debut from Director Rowan Athale, The Rise follows 22-year-old Harvey Miller (Luke Treadaway: Attack The Block; You Instead; Winner of the Olivier Award as Best Actor for the multi-award winning West End hit The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), who has served half of a two-year sentence in prison charged with intent to supply drugs.

“A clever, intriguing and
riveting plot
with enough oomph
to keep you hooked.
A British heist
movie of exceptional
Harvey now finds himself being interrogated by the determined Detective Inspector West (the ever-excellent Timothy Spall: Secrets & Lies; The King's Speech); but as Harvey sits in front of him, battered and bruised and denying nothing, the detective cannot help but feel sympathy with him even though his professional instinct tells him that all is not the way it seems, he does not doubt that Harvey has played a part in the crimes.

Thirty eye-witness statements place Harvey at the scene of the crime where local businessman Steven Roper (Neil Maskell: Wild Bill; Kill List), a nasty piece of work who has no morals or scruples, has been savagely attacked and is in a critical condition in hospital.

All Harvey wanted was to get out of jail and to find a way to get money for him and his friends to lead a better life in the Netherlands as partners of his former cellmate, whose father had set him up in business. But he hadn't reckoned on the ruthlessness of a cold-hearted drugs baron who in turn had not realised that his big mistake would give Harvey the chance to make good.

Harvey agrees to tell his side of the story; leaving out nothing. He begins with his emotional reunion with his three close friends whom he looks upon as brothers Dempsey (Iwan Rheon: Wild Bill; Game Of Thrones), Dodd (Matthew Lewis: Harry Potter) and Charlie (Gerard Kearns: Shameless; Looking For Eric) and his girlfriend Nicola (Vanessa Kirby: BBC's Great Expectations; this year's About Time) on his release from prison a month earlier.

A terrible and unjust act had led to the accusations that Harvey is now facing and as the events unfold with unexpected twists and turns, the truth is finally revealed.

Many aspects of life are covered in The Rise. British through and through, it deserves distinction as a heist story about the underdog; an exhilarating, moving and sometimes funny look at jealousies, unswerving loyalties, strong bonds, injustice, regret, solid friendships, the pursuit of happiness, comfort and revenge.

Developing into a thriller of exceptional originality, The Rise showcases some of Britain's finest new talent, including Luke Treadaway and Iwan Rheon, acting alongside respected Timothy Spall. A clever, intriguing and riveting plot with enough oomph to keep you hooked.

The Rise is a well-constructed movie from the ingenious planning of the ill-fated robbery to the amazing twist, the shock as the truth is revealed and the ultimate vengeance. A true British achievement.

Filmed at Prime Studios in Leeds and on location in Leeds and Portsmouth in the UK, The Rise also features: Paul Clayton as Albert; Lewis Rainer as PC Nixon; Brad Moore as Sgt Kendon; and the club band is Afterglow.

Director of Photography is Stuart Bentley; Produced by Gareth Pritchard, Ed Barratt and Mark Foligno; and Written and Directed by Rowan Athale.

* The Rise is an enthralling British thriller that comes to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK from Entertainment One on 30 September 2013. Running Time: 105 Minutes.

"The Rise… A clever, intriguing and riveting plot with enough oomph to keep you hooked… Exceptional originality" Maggie Woods

"A strong contender for British film of the year" Film3Sixty