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The Wall
xxx“A unique war film and a psychological
  thriller, The Wall takes place in the
  Iraqi desert where two United States
  Army Sergeants are carrying out
  investigations when they come under
  fire from a disturbingly accurate

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE BOURNE IDENTITY and Edge Of Tomorrow comes an unusual war film, The Wall, centring around two United States Army Sergeants, Allen Isaac (Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Nocturnal Animals; Godzilla; Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Shane Matthews (WWE's John Cena).

Isaac and Matthews are investigating a pipeline construction site in the Iraqi desert where nothing has been heard from the workers or soldiers for a while, and they have been waiting there for many hours.

The Wall
is a compelling and
mesmerising psychological trip into
the personas of two
soldiers and a lethal
Allen Isaac uses a scope that had previously belonged to one of their dead comrades to check the surrounding area before they leave the safety of the rocks and it appears that, although he can see bodies, there is no imminent danger.

Staying in radio contact, Shane Matthews goes down to the pipeline but while he is looking around he is shot by a lethally accurate but unseen sniper. Isaac follows but is unable to get Matthews out of the line of fire before he dives behind a crumbling wall that offers scant cover.

Bleeding heavily from a bullet wound to his knee and discovering that one shot has taken out his radio antenna, Isaac has to think quickly on his feet if he is to keep Matthews alive and work out a rescue plan.

The Iraqi sniper, identified by Isaac as Juba (Laith Nakli), begins his deadly mind games to torment an already weakened and dehydrated Issac, who fears that Matthews could already be dead.

In this psychological thriller, Isaac's sheer guts and determination help him to keep his head against all odds in his mental and physical fight against his enemy in a hot and barren desert. But will it be enough to outwit the shooter and keep him alive long enough to warn the hoped-for rescue team of the danger — that is, if a rescue team arrives at all?

Unusually for a war film, The Wall only has three main characters, one of whom is never seen, and is a compelling and mesmerising psychological trip into the personas of two soldiers and a lethal enemy.

Music: I'll Make Love To You written by Kenneth Edmonds; Wall Song Written by Ryan Williamson and Performed by Rykeyz; A Question, from the book The Poetry of Robert Frost 1969 by Henry Hold and Company; Director of Photography is Roman Vasyanov, RGC; Written by Dwaine Worrell; Executive Producer is Ray Angelic; Produced by David Bartis, pga; and Directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity; Edge of Tomorrow; American Made).

* STUDIOCANAL announces the release of the intense and gripping war film The Wall in the UK on digital Download on 17 November, and on Blu-ray & DVD on 20 November 2017.

DVD & Blu-ray Details: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 86 Minutes Approximately | Extras: Behind The Wall With Doug Liman | Military Tactics | Sand Storms | Who Is Ize | Facts From The Frontline: A Visual Journey Through The Wall.

"The Wall is a compelling and mesmerising psychological trip into the personas of two soldiers and a lethal enemy"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

**** Total Film

**** The Independent

"It's like no war movie you've seen in the last decade" — Den of Geek