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The Big Knights

The Big Knights“It’s great to see the wonderful
  animation series The Big Knights come
  to DVD
this animated television
  feature was appealing, very funny and
  as much entertainment for big kids
  as it was for the little ones; but then,
  what more would you expect from
  such a talented team?

THERE'S TROUBLE IN BOROVIA. Who ya gonna call? The Big Knights first galloped onto our screens in 1999 on BBC television, picking up multiple animation awards as they rode. Fortunately for the many Big Knights fans who have tirelessly petitioned for it to be released on DVD when the television series was over, somebody listened; and you can now laugh your way through all thirteen rib-tickling episodes.

Set in a timeless, fantasy land of knights, kings and princesses, chivalry and not-so-derring-do(!) called Borovia, the wildly funny and inspirational The Big Knights was the brainchild of the creators of the hugely-popular Peppa Pig (our young friend Arienne's favourite programme) and Holly's Little Kingdom.

Things do not always go according to plan when Sir Boris (the finest swordsman in the World — the voice of David Rintoul) and Sir Morris (not the finest swordsman in the World but the most enthusiastic — the voice of Brian Blessed) set out from Castle Big on one of their crazy adventures to help Borovians in trouble. In fact, if they do it's a miracle!

The Big Knights are the height of two men, the weight of four and have the strength of sixteen and are accompanied by their trusty, armour-clad pets Sir Horace the Dog and Sir Doris the Hamster. What Sir Morris and Sir Boris lack in bravery and chivalry they make up for with boundless enthusiasm as they tackle a dragon, rescue two mischievous princesses from a tower and deal with a difficult troll who interferes with King Otto's outing with his daughters in the magnificent royal car.

One of the funniest episodes follows Sir Morris and Sir Boris's attempts to deal with an evil imp released by Sir Morris. The knights cannot figure out why their food doesn't just appear on the 'magic plates' when their servant, Mrs Ethel Minion (the voice of Morwenna Banks) decides to take a holiday and the food she has left for them is eaten by Sir Doris the Hamster!

Other heroic adventures include The Big Knights' spooky holiday in the Land of the Vampires, going undercover in their wondrous 'hats of invisibility', upsetting a witch while preparing for the BørødzÝ Village Games and facing the unwanted attentions of the sisters of King Otto (Timothy West) after braving the terrifying Forest of Disenchantment. With charmingly naÔve drawings, The Big Knights are causing mayhem and winning hearts with their animated adventures.

The DVD includes a free re-mastered HD special edition on Blu-ray and features all thirteen episodes of The Big Knights, seven of which have never previously been available to own. As well as the marvellous and evergreen Brian Blessed and David Rintoul, other famous voices include Prunella Scales as Queen Melissa, the inimitable Brian Sewell as Sir Kiftsgate, Enn Reitel as Wizard Zabobon; Summer Strallen as Princess Lucy; Scarlet Strallen as Princess Loretta; Kate Robbins as Sorceress Abigail; John Sparkes as Professor von Proton; and Gordon Kennedy as Count Vampire.

The Big Knights is narrated by Alexander Armstrong; Technical Director (Animation) is by Martyn Jones; Written by Neville Astley, Mark Baker, Gary Parker & John Sparkes; Music is by Pete Baikie; Additional Music is by Rostov Balalaika Orchestra. Big Knights Special Edition: Producer Phil Davies; Director Andrea Tran. Executive producers for the BBC: Colin Rose & Helen Nabarro. Produced by Claire Jennings; Created and Directed by Neville Astley & Mark Baker. Artwork by Mark Baker and Mic Graves.

Hilarious funny and very silly in equal parts, The Big Knights will have any family member from six to sixty in stitches. An essential addition to any castle's DVD collection, The Big Knights comes to DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One, on 25 October 2010. Certificate: U | RRP: £12.99 (DVD & Blu-ray combi) | Running Time: 56 Minutes Approximately.

The Big Knights
: 1 Ethell The Imp | 2 The Troll Bridge | 3 The Village Games | 4 Alchemy | 5 Lost Doris | 6 Proton Power | 7 Sir Morris And The Beanstalk | 8 Knight School | 9 The Land Of The Vampires | 10 Knights In Distress | 11 The Time Protonosphere | 12 Clockwork Knights | 13 The Royal Escort.

"The Big Knights are causing mayhem and winning hearts with their animated adventures"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar