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The Devil's Tomb

The Devil's Tomb“Charged with bringing a scientist
  safely back from a secret underground
  laboratory in the desert, an elite group
  of soldiers find themselves facing an
  unearthly terror in the action thriller with
  a supernatural twist, The Devil’s Tomb...

AN APPARENTLY STRAIGHTFORWARD MISSION to find scientist Leo Wesley (the great Ron Perlman: Hellboy; Season Of The Witch; Conan The Barbarian), who was working on an ancient archaeological discovery and who is mysteriously missing, leads soldier-of-fortune Mack (the lovely Cuba Gooding Jr: American Gangster; Jerry Maguire; The Hit List) and his elite team into a horrifying nightmare from which there seems to be no return.

Accompanied by Dr Elissa Cordell (Valerie Cruz), a CIA operative whom Mack soon believes knows more than she is saying, the team have no difficulty finding and entering the facility. War veteran Mack's only thought is to finish the job and get his team out alive; but it is soon evident that things are not what they seem and the mission is far more dangerous than he could ever have suspected.

Haunted by the past and responsible for the death of his friend Blakeley (the always-credible Ray Winstone: Cold Mountain; Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull; Sexy Beast), Mack realises that this is a mission that could have dire consequences and is looking out for rookie Click (Brandon Fobbs) and the two female team members: a medic known as 'Doc' (Taryn Manning) and Yoshi (Stephanie Jacobsen).

But events are to take a shocking turn. A strange priest, Father Jacoby (Weston Blakesley) puts in an appearance, closely followed by otherworldly creatures. With the realisation that something evil lurks deep in the facility and that Dr Cordell isn't exactly what she says she is, Mack can see that the mission is far from being the simple fast in-fast out rescue that he was led to believe.

With members of the team hallucinating as something gets inside their heads to access their memories, Mack and the others are soon to be faced with the true secret that is hidden deep inside the facility — a secret that has been protected for thousands of years and is not of this earth.

Ancient secrets long hidden emerge as supernatural forces try to take over in The Devil's Tomb, a stylish and wickedly terrifying movie with an intriguing supernatural storyline that sees Mack face the biggest challenge of his career — and from which there may be no survivors. The film is gruesome in places with an excess of gore but it is very watchable and keeps the adrenaline pumping. Contains one scene of female nudity and some very grisly encounters that are not for the faint-hearted but are quickly over!

The Devil's Tomb also features: Franky G as Hammer; Zack Ward as Nickels; Henry Rollins as Fulton; Jason London as Hicks; Bill Moseley as Professor Duncan; and Sarah Ann Morris as Sharon.

Director of Photography is Thomas Callaway; Original Music by Bill Brown; Co-Produced by Jason Connery, Ricki Maslar; Joe Dain and James Allen Bradley; Produced by Six, Jon and Bill Sheinberg and Steve B Harris; Written by Keith K Jornes and Directed by Jason Connery.

The Devil's Tomb is an explosive supernatural action thriller and is out on DVD, courtesy of Lionsgate, on 2 May 2011. RRP: 12.99 | Certificate: 18 (UK and Ireland) | Running Time: 87 Minutes approx.

"The Devil's Tomb, a stylish and wickedly terrifying movie with an intriguing supernatural storyline"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar