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The Door

The Door“Be careful what you wish for because
  it might come true is the warning in
  the absorbing German mystery thriller
  The Door, as a gifted artist whose family
  is destroyed because of his infidelity
  discovers that the parallel world that
  has given him back his life is far more
  disturbing than it seems...

GIVEN THE CHANCE TO CORRECT THE MISTAKE he made five years earlier in 2008, that caused a tragic accident devastatingly taking the life of his only child and costing him the love of his wife, successful artist David Andernach (the superb Mads Mikkelsen: Casino Royale; Valhalla Rising; Clash Of The Titans) cannot believe his luck.

But there is a terrible price to pay in the superb and slick film The Door when David finds that he has gone back in time to just before his daughter Leonie (Valeria Eisenbart) was drowned in an accident while he was with his mistress Gia Konrads (the enchanting Heiki Makatsch: Resident Evil; Love, Actually).

In this parallel world, David is able to save his daughter and also win back his wife Maja (Jessica Schwarz: Perfume; The Story Of A Murder), who had never forgiven him for leaving Leonie to pursue his affair.

However, the discovery of the mysterious door and a tunnel that takes him back to the past is not the blessing he supposes and he soon becomes responsible for the deaths of two people close to him and finds himself fighting for the lives of those he holds most dear as he discovers the horrific truth.

Who is the sinister Siggi Butschma (Thomas Thieme) and is there some sort of conspiracy that only he and Butschma are party to? The Door is a terrific, gripping mystery thriller with a brilliant cast led by the superb Mads Mikkelsen.

The Door is a German film with subtitles and also features: Tim Seyfi as Max Oelze; Nele Trebs as Nele Wiegand; Rüdiger Kühmstedt as Nachbar; Corinna Borchert as Nachbarin; Stefan Gebelhoff as Paul Wiegand; Suzan Anbeh as Susanne Wiegand; and Thomas Arnold as Edgar Keun.

Cinematography is by Bella Halben; Music is by Fabian Romer; Produced by Ralph Schwingel and Stefan Schubert; Co-Producer is Christoph Müller; Producer is Björn Vosgerau; Director is Anno Saul. Based on the novel Die Damalstür by Akif Pirincci, The Door (Die Tür) was originally released in Germany in 2009. There is some nudity and scenes of a sexual nature. Blood but not an excess of gore.

This accomplished, festival-acclaimed thriller is a dark and intriguing venture into parallel worlds. The Door is released on DVD and EST on 18 April 2011.

Extra Features: Behind The Scenes | Interviews With Director, Cast and Producers | 12 Deleted/Alternative Scenes | Trailer.

"The Door is a terrific, gripping mystery thriller with a brilliant cast"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar