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The Doors

The Doors“Val Kilmer stars in his career-defining
  role as the late,
legendary Jim Morrison,
  the controversial frontman of one of the
  late Sixties’ most exciting and influential
  bands, in Oliver Stone
s magnificent and
  electrifying film The Doors...

PERFECTLY CAPTURING THE TUMULTUOUS, psychedelic journey of one of the most influential bands of the Sixties and its tragic frontman Jim Morrison (brilliantly played by Val Kilmer), Oliver Stone's compulsive and entertaining film The Doors has been restored and is now released on Blu-ray this year (2011), the 40th Anniversary of Morrison's death.

Having passed into music legend and with The Doors' music as popular as ever, Jim Morrison and the band live on in this wonderful film biography that features the band's music and absolutely electrifying recreations of The Doors' most infamous on-stage performances.

As one of the most enduring images of the Sixties, The Doors' looks and style embodied the feel of the decade. The band's work has been described as raw yet poetic; angry yet seductive. Personal appearances on stage were dramatic; pure theatre with artistic expression transcending all form. Jim Morrison had a unique stage presence; energetic, cool, sexy and dangerous with an appeal to young audiences and an outlet for their fantasies. Kilmer is incredible as the tragic Morrison; giving life to the legend.

In the opening scenes, the Morrison family sees an accident in New Mexico in 1949 involving Navajo Indians. Throughout the film, images of a shaman haunt Jim from his energetic stage appearances to a wild trip in the desert.

When the then unknown Morrison meets Pamela Courson (sympathetically played by the delightful Meg Ryan) in Venice Beach, California, he follows her home and reads her his poetry. She connects with his work with its deep, dark meaning and the sensitive Morrison reveals that he feels most alive by facing death; experiencing pain. 'When you die,' he says, 'the pain is over.'

Before long he has brought together a group of musicians: Ray Manzarek (Kyle Maclachlan), Robby Krieger (Frank Whaley) and John Densmore (Kevin Dillon). The band, soon to be named The Doors, is born.

Jim Morrison and The Doors instantly appeal to the Young Generation and the band's name is soon appearing alongside Sonny & Cher, The Beach Boys and The Byrds on Sunset Strip. Morrison's behaviour results in the band being thrown out of Whisky a Go-Go in Los Angeles in 1966 but rather than ruining their career, the boys are rewarded by a contract with Electra Records. From San Francisco, New York and New Mexico, the band is conquering Sixties America and Europe is next.

Although at first Pam and Jim share a drug-fuelled, hedonistic life as the band begins to establish itself, cracks soon start to appear in their relationship as Pam attempts to rein in Morrison's excesses. Wild parties follow, including the one at which Morrison meets Andy Warhol (Crispin Glover), and Morrison finds himself in court charged with lewd behaviour on stage. A distraught Pamela discovers his affair with journalist Patricia Kennealy (Kathleen Quinlan) and Morrison's life is soon spiralling out of control.

Known as The Lizard King or The Electric Poet, Morrison moves to Paris in 1971 where tragedy is to strike. Oliver Stone's The Doors is atmospheric, poignant, nostalgic, memorable and beautifully filmed with Val Kilmer a star in every sense of the word.

Jim Morrison had the audience eating out of his hand, was talented and attractive. The legend lives on: The Doors' music evokes echoes of those times with an appeal that not only remains with those who lived those magical years but also to upcoming generations. Val Kilmer's Morrison could be the ghost of the man himself.

Songs include: Riders On The Storm, Love Street, Indian Summer, Light My Fire, The Spy and L A Woman. The film was made with the co-operation of The Doors and bears an acknowledgement to John Densmore's book Riders On The Storm. Fabulous!

Some nudity and sexual content, alcohol and drug abuse. Jim Morrison was born on 8 December 1943 and died on 3 July 1971.

From the Director of JFK, Wall Street and Natural Born Killers comes The Doors 20th Anniversary, also featuring: Michael Wincott as Paul Rothchild; Michael Madsen as Tom Baker; Josh Evans as Bill Siddons; Costes Mandylar as the Italian Count; Dennis Burkley as Dog; John Capodice as Jerry; Mark Moses as Jac Holzman; Will Jordan as Ed Sullivan; Robert Lupone as Music Manager; Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Shaman; Billy Idol as Cat; Eric Burden as Backstage Manager; Mimi Rogers as Photographer; Patricia Keannealy as Wicca Priestess and Sean Stone as Young Jim.

Music is Produced by Paul A Rothchild; Executive Music Producer is Budd Carr; Music by The Doors; Director of Photography is Robert Richardson; Written by J Randal Johnson and Oliver Stone; Executive Producers are Mario Kassar, Nicholas Clainos and Brian Grazer; Producers are Bill Graham and Sashi Harari; and Director is Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone's wonderful creation of the great Sixties' rock band The Doors with its charismatic frontman Jim Morrison is out to own on Blu-ray on 18 April 2011.

Blu-ray Technical Specs: Certificate: 18 | Total Running Time: 140 Minutes Approx | Catalogue No: OPTBD1402 | RRP: 24.99.

Extras: Jim Morrison, a poet in Paris | Back To The Roots.

"Oliver Stone's The Doors is atmospheric, poignant, nostalgic, memorable and beautifully filmed with Val Kilmer a star in every sense of the word... Fabulous! "
Maggie Woods, MotorBar