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The Entrance

The EntranceWhat if you were confronted with all
  your past misdeeds and forced to pay
  for them in a most unpleasant way?
  If you have sins on your conscience,
t go beyond The Entrance...”

DEDICATED AND HONOURABLE cop Jen Porhowski (Sarah-Jane Redmond: The X Files: I Want To Believe) is approached at the Police Station by visibly-shaken drug dealer Ryan James (Michael Eklund) with a terrifying story of being kidnapped by mysterious assailants and forced to be a pawn in a deadly game with four other men in this psychological horror film inspired by true events...

The loser at each round, Ryan tells Jen, is forced to watch his sin being replayed on a home movie projector before being subjected to a hideous death. His incarceration ended when he found himself in an underground car park and was attacked by a demon. He was helped to escape, he claims, by Joe Balberith, a sinister janitor (Ron Sauvé). "People are gonna die tonight," he was warned.

Ryan forces Jen to drive to the car park where he claims his horrifying experience took place. "All you need to know," he tells her, "is that they've got something of mine and you're gonna help me get it back." Then he abandons her to the night...

The Entrance is a fantastic, dark, nerve-racking film that will have you gripping the arms of your chair as you await the next shock — well acted and totally credible, the film takes you beyond the realms of nightmares. It is a supernatural tale with religious undertones and the story is inspired by the writings of Father Sebastien Michaelis — Admirable History — about a possessed nun, Sister Madeleine, at Aix-on-Provence, France, in 1612.

Back at the Police Station, Officer Banks (Colin Cunningham) begins to scour the internet for information. He comes up with a fallen angel by the name of Balberith alongside the circular symbol that appears to be burned onto the back of Ryan's hand — information he shares with Detective Nolan (Hiro Kanagawa).

While Jen's colleagues try to track her, Jen finds that the truth of Ryan's account is far more terrifying and traumatic than she could ever have imagined as, with her life and her soul at stake, she is forced to face demons of her own.

Damon Vignale has crafted a tight and swiftly-paced movie that will have audiences reflecting on their own sins — from the very edges of their seats. It is cleverly interwoven with images of Father Michaelis in black-and-white and even the most mundane object is made to look sinister.

The film also looks at the controversial issue of drug abuse and when challenged by Jen about the morality of drug dealing Ryan tells her that he doesn't force them onto people — they are responsible for themselves and he just sells merchandise.

Written and Directed by Damon Vignale, The Entrance is Produced by Andrew Hamilton and Damon Vignale; Director of photography is Larry Lynn CSC; Production Designer is Miho Yamamoto; Edited by Daryl Bennett and Damon Vignale; and Music composed by Daryl Bennett.

The Entrance has earned numerous awards, including — 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival: Best Director Damon Vignale; 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival: Best Actor Michael Eklund; 2007 Leo Awards: Best Picture Editing Nomination, Daryl Bennett and Damon Vignale; 2007 Leo Awards: Best Performance by a Male Nomination, Michael Eklund; and 2007 Leo Awards: Best Performance by a Female Nomination, Sarah-Jane Redmond.

Filmed entirely on location at Vancouver, Canada, The Entrance also features: Jerry Wasserman as The Rapist; Frank Cassini as The Devil; Bernard Cuffling as Stan Porhowski; C Ernst Harth as the Paedophile; Taja Lee as The Demon; Zoltan Barabas (also a co-producer) as First Sinner; Daryl Bennett (also the music composer) as The Priest; Siobhan McCarthy as the Nun and Joel Wirkkunen as Officer Grant. Additional music composed by Eli Bennett and Jonah Bennett. The songs from the film: The Devil You Know, written by Daryl Bennett and Damon Vignale and sung by Dalannah Gail Bowen; and Inside It's Raining written by Jonathan Hetherington and performed by Art Of Dying.

An intense and unnerving horror, The Entrance is part one of a trilogy and is directed by Damon Vignale (Little Brother Of War). The film makes its DVD debut courtesy of DNC Entertainment and is a chilling reminder that nobody is able to escape their past.

The Entrance is released on 6 October, 2008. RRP: £15.99 | Running Time: 79 minutes | Certificate: 15 | Catalogue No: DNC 1016.

"A fantastic journey into the dark excesses of man's psyche" — Dread Central

"The Entrance is a fantastic, dark, nerve-racking film that will have you gripping the arms of your chair as you await the next shock — well acted and totally credible, the film takes you beyond the realms of nightmares" — MotorBar

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