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The Hit List

The Hit List“What if you shared your thoughts
  with a stranger in a bar about the people
  you resent because they’ve crossed
  you — and then found out that you
  been talking to a hit man who has taken
  you at your word? A businessman
  lives to regret revealing his bitterness
  in The Hit List...”

CONVINCED HIS WIFE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR with his best friend, nursing a black eye from the loan shark to whom he owes money and angry at being passed over for promotion by his boss for the new guy at work, Allan Campbell (Cole Hauser: 2 Fast 2 Furious; Pitch Black) drowns his sorrows in a bar.

He is soon talking to mysterious stranger Jonas Arbor (Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr: Best Supporting Actor, Jerry Maguire, 1996), who claims to be the hit-man responsible for the recent shooting of television personality Jim O'Bannon.

Believing that he is joking, Allan allows himself to be drawn into the supposed fantasy by writing a hit list of the five people he would most like to get his own back on. Starting with his boss and his colleague Brian Felzner (Sean Cook), he adds the loan shark Dom Escado (Brandon O'Neill), his best friend Mike Dodd (Drew Waters), and his wife Sydney (Ginny Weirick: Television's Entourage; Ugly Betty). When he sobers up the next day Allan is horrified to find that, one-by-one, his list is being ticked-off and the body count is rising.

Haunted by guilt and desperate to stop Jonas — who is suffering from a terminal illness and has nothing to lose — from killing those he loves, Allan races against the clock across Washington DC to find the hit-man. But he is right in the line of fire as chief suspect and the Police, led by Detective McKay (Jonathan LaPaglia: Television's Cold Case; The District), are hot on his tail.

Well cast and including a superb car chase with no-holds-barred, The Hit List is a tense and emotive thriller that keeps up the pace relentlessly. Allan has to remember everything Jonas has told him and is forced to become as cold-blooded as the professional hit-man he needs to outwit — and who seems hell-bent on turning the businessman's imagined revenge into reality. If he survives, Allan will never allow anyone to walk over him again!

The Hit List also features: David Andriole as Detective Lowery; J P O'Shaughnessy as Lt Harp; Michael Popejohn as Agent Ford; and Matthew Beckham. Music Supervisor is Theo 'Smitty' Smith; Music is by Deane Ogden; Director of Photography is Mark Rutledge; Based on a Screenplay by Chad Law and Evan Law (Hero Wanted); Supervising Producer is Juan Mas; Executive Producers are: David E Ornston, Rui Costa Reis, Johnny Martin (Lies & Illusions; Wrong Turn At Tahoe) and Rich Cowan (John Carpenter's The Ward; Wrong Turn At Tahoe); Produced by Richard Salvatore (Casino Jack; Wrong Turn At Tahoe) and Freddy Braidy (Rescue Dawn; Wrong Turn At Tahoe); and Directed by William Kaufman (Sinners & Saints; The Prodigy).

What if someone you jokingly wished dead was suddenly killed? Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases the pulse-pounding new action thriller The Hit List, the latest release in the Fight Factory collection of explosive thrillers, on DVD on 9 May 2011. RRP: 19.99 | Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 88 Minutes.

"The Hit List is a tense and emotive thriller that keeps up the pace relentlessly"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar