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The Keeper

The Keeper“If it’s the big guy again you can be sure
  that he
ll dispense with the villains
and come up trumps with a whole lotta
  shooting going on — treating you to an
  overdose of fast-paced action, Steven
  Seagal is The Keeper

FOLLOWING A ROUTINE STAKE-OUT by the narcotics squad, a bloody shoot-out with drug dealers leaves just LA cops Roland Sallinger (Steven Seagal: Under Siege, Exit Wounds) and his partner Trevor Johnson (Brian Keith Gamble) still standing.

Tempted by the $2 million in dirty cash that wouldn't have to be accounted for, Trevor tries to persuade Roland to agree for them to keep it. But Roland, shocked by his partner's dishonesty, refuses to budge. Unbelievably, Trevor shoots him down and, believing Roland to be dead, sets it up to look as though he was shot by one of the dealers.

Critically injured in hospital, Roland nevertheless struggles to survive and eventually he is released but forced to retire from the Police. A year passes and an old friend, former Texas Police Chief Conner Wells (Steph Duvall), asks Roland for help as he has become the target for local crime lords — including the menacing Jason Cross (Luce Rains), a violent separatist and racist — and he wants his friend to come down to New Mexico to protect his daughter, social butterfly Nikita (Liezl Carstens).

But Nikita is a law unto herself. Spoilt, unmanageable but feisty, she is dating the arrogant Mason Silver (Aaron Shiver), a boxing champion sponsored by her father, and she loves going out to night clubs with him and her friends.

Nikita has already foiled a kidnap attempt while she was out with Mason and at great personal risk she managed to get away. Her father is taking no chances and wants Roland in the picture. Conner also believes that somebody in his organisation is working against him.

A further kidnap attempt succeeds and sees Nikita in the hands of her father's enemies and held to ransom for $5 million in cash and diamonds. It is up to Roland to get her back safely — with no holds barred. Steven Seagal delivers the goods as The Keeper with his own inimitable style of gritty fight sequences and fast- paced action. You really can't keep a good man down.

The superb Steven Seagal is supported by a fine cast, including Liezl Carstens as the gutsy Nikita. Good to see a woman who will fight back and is not content just to be a pretty face.

But what is it that Conner is not telling Roland? Who is the traitor in their midst? And can Roland beat the bad guys at their own game to return Nikita unharmed to her father? The Keeper is suspenseful and with enough twists to keep you guessing…

The film also features: Kisha Sierra as Allegra; Seri De Young as Socialite; Trine Christensen as Regina Lawson; Kevin Christopher Brown as Texas Deputy Sheriff; David Manzanares as Cop 1; Jack Brunacini Jr as Bodyguard; Michael-David Aragon as Scar; Johnnie Hector as Manuelo; Tomas Sanchez as Jorge and Jessica Williams as Nurse Williams. The Keeper is written by Paul A Birkett; Music by Philip White; Director of Photography is Nathan Wilson; Produced by Steven Seagal and Phillip B Goldfire; Co-Producer is Tore Knos and Directed by Keoni Waxman.

The Keeper is out to own on DVD and Blu-ray on 19 October (2009). Certificate: 15 | RRP: £15.99 (DVD) | Feature Running Time: 90 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: OPT1662 | Extras: Trailer

"Steven Seagal delivers the goods as The Keeper with his own inimitable style of gritty fight sequences and fast-paced action" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar