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The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season

The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season“The California Bureau of Investigation
  is responsible for solving every case
  on their books so far — except one,
  which will need one of their own to be
  outwitted by the unconventional ways
  of The Mentalist

A FORMER STAGE PSYCHIC, CHARMER Patrick Jane (brilliant Golden Globe-nominee Simon Baker: The Guardian; The Devil Wears Prada) is the California Bureau of Investigation's secret weapon in the war against crime. But even he is two steps behind mystery man Red John, who cold-bloodedly murdered Patrick's family.

This third season of the absorbing and intelligent hit police drama series The Mentalist continues following Patrick working alongside conventional policing. Using the sharp powers of psychological observation and body language analysis taught to him by his father, he doesn't miss a trick.

No-nonsense CBI Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney: Prison Break; House) accompanies Patrick, who is notorious both for his blatant lack of protocol and his suspect past as a psychic. Lisbon shields her boss, Chief Madeleine Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis: The Help), from Patrick's unconventional and sometimes downright discourteous way of working; but inevitably his exceptional skills are needed in order to solve the case — even if he is something of a loose cannon.

The CBI team includes agents Kimball Cho (Tim Kang: The Office; Rambo), Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman: Midsummer Murders; Troy) and Grace Van Peit (Amanda Righetti: Friday The 13th; Captain America). The team is blown away by Patrick's uncanny knack of getting right to the heart of the matter where others fail.

Patrick is persuasive, exudes confidence and has a disarming smile. He is able to hypnotise, is laid back and uses clever tactics. He is constantly seeking the smallest detail as he questions suspects or sets up a red herring to trap the villains.

This season Red John strikes at the heart of the CBI. A homicide suspect is set alight in a police cell and it is clear that Red John has a mole in the unit. Patrick realises his adversary is closer than he imagined and is obsessed with finding the man who destroyed his life. Everyone is under suspicion, including Hightower.

The five-disc, 24-episode third season of the hit series combines crime-solving twists with wry humour, celebrating mind over murder. Patrick uses his unique skills of observation and manipulation to crack the toughest cases.

Highlights include: A decision-science profiler pits her crime-solving skills against Patrick's; A documentary filmmaker appears to have been shot by a man already acquitted of killing his wife and Patrick turns hostage negotiator; The death of a man under witness protection who is to give evidence against a major drug trafficker, witnessed by his traumatised daughter whose mother committed suicide; and a key witness under Van Pelt's protection is murdered.

The bumptious LaRoche from Professional Standards takes over from Hightower and Patrick works with Dr Steiner, his old nemesis from the coroner's office; Rigsby looks for suspects among violent ex-inmates including his abusive father; Patrick orchestrates the investigation into the murder of a bright young concertmaster; Van Pelt becomes engaged to FBI Agent Craig Alothman. And a case involving an apparent suicide bomber results in Lisbon having a bomb attached to her; and Patrick finally confronts Red John.

The tiniest clue will not get past this smart, amusing and blunt crime-solver and when he appears to be preoccupied he is onto something. This is a fun series, so seize the moment; you will not want to miss The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season as this at times serious and tense, light-hearted but always enthralling police series comes to home entertainment.

Series Created by Bruno Heller; Exec Prods: Bruno Heller, Chris Long, Ashley Gable, Tom Szentgyorgyi and Daniel Cerone; Music by Blake Neely; Writers include: Bruno Heller, Ashley Gable, Tom Szentgyorgyi, Daniel Cerone, Eoghan Mahony, Ken Woodruff, Erika Green, Jordan Harper; Directors include: Chris Long, John Poison, David M Barrett, Charles Beeson, John F Showalter, Eric Laneuville and Stephen Gyllenhaal.

Follow everybody's favourite ladies' man when Patrick Jane returns with his unconventional crime-solving technique in the gripping crime drama The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season. Released on DVD courtesy of Warner Home Video, alongside a Complete Season 1-3 Box-set, on 10 October 2011. Discs: 5 | Running Time: 940 Minutes | Certificate: 15 | Season 3: 39.99 RRP | Season 1 to 3: 59.99 RRP.

Special features: Deleted Scenes | The Mentalist: Portrait of a Serial Killer — Red John, Featurette: An Expert Panel of World-Class Criminologists Devises an Offender Profile Taking Us Inside the Mind of Red John | Red Moon, Directed by Simon Baker, Featurette: The Series Star Provides His Unique Perspective From Both Sides of the Camera. (Lost Evidence: Unaired scenes).

"Seize the moment; you will not want to miss The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season as this at times serious and tense, light-hearted but always enthralling police series comes to home entertainment" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Insanely good" — The People

"He reads between the lies" and "She does the detecting and I do the insulting!" — The Mentalist Publicity