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The Myth

The Myth“The superb superstar Jackie Chan
  can do no wrong; mixing comedy with
  historical fantasy and martial arts
  with mysticism and modern subterfuge
  to great effect for the latest adventure
  film that gives this multi-talented
  actor a showcase for his special gifts:
  The Myth

SETTLING PERFECTLY INTO THE DUAL ROLE of modern archaeologist Dr Jack Chan and ancient Chinese General Meng Yi, Jackie Chan spans thousands of years as his character seeks to learn the secret of The Myth the life from the past that he believes he used to have as a general in the army of the First Emperor of Qin.

Fascinating stuff, this, melding historical fact with a fictional legend against a backdrop of the glorious Chinese landscape and culture. The Myth is yet another successful, well-scripted and acted film from Jackie Chan and lovers of comedy, romance, history, science fiction, martial arts or action thrillers will find more than enough to tempt them.

February 2005: Dr Jack Chan is an intrepid and world-renowned archaeologist who lives on a boat while he is carrying out research for a book. For three months he has been having weird and wonderful dreams of being General Meng Yi of Qin in ancient China in the days of the First Emperor. He dreams of rescuing the beautiful Princess Ok Soo (Korean actress Kim Hee Seon: Bichunmoo) — who is to become Concubine Li of Qin — from her former betrothed, General Choi (Choi Min Soo), who fears that to give her to the dying emperor would look like the surrender of his territory's sovereignty.

From the very beginning, the swordfights and martial arts are magnificent, especially when the two generals fight as they try to hold onto a rope attached to a carriage that is sliding over the edge of a precipice — with the princess inside.

Back in present-day Hong Kong, Jack's friend William (Tony Leung: New Dragon Gate Inn), a physicist who has just returned from America, asks for his help. He introduces Jack to Maggie (Maggie Lau) and Dr Smith (Leon Head), who represent the sponsor of the Anti-Gravity Project with which William is involved.

William tells Jack that he is seeking a breakthrough in the field of mysterious phenomena and mentions a piece that Jack wrote about a tiny kingdom South of Dasar over 2,000 years ago where a king became immortal after death. Although Jack insists it is merely a myth, William is adamant that the myth could be fact and reasons that it could lead to something of global importance.

Jack reluctantly agrees to accompany William on his search to lead him to the mausoleum of China's First Emperor, but emphasises the need not to touch anything. But he is unaware that William's sponsor is none other than old enemy Professor Koo (Sun Zhou) and when the two friends join a pilgrimage to see a levitating holy man, Jack is astounded to see his friend steal a sword and prise an unusual and mysterious stone eye from a statue — which has alarming consequences, but brings him face-to-face with a past life.

Abandoned by William to his fate and now in possession of the sword, Jack finds himself being chased by a mob and hurls himself into the water to be washed up at a temple — the birthplace of the Dasar martial arts — where Samantha (Bollywood sex symbol Malika Sherawat: Murder) rescues him from the water and introduces him to her uncle, who promptly denounces him as the man who broke the two-thousand-year-old myth of Dasar.

With the police hot on his heels, Jack takes off with Samantha. Their antics are straight out of the best of the Carry On movies — especially funny is the episode in a glue factory, but the film is full of sticky situations!

As the past collides violently with the present, Jack is forced to change his mind about his conclusions — and about William. At the two-thousand-year-old shrine destiny waits for Jack. The beautiful princess and the faithful friend from his dreams are instrumental in his fight against both the ancient forces of his enemies and the henchmen of the modern day tomb raider.

A wow of a film, The Myth sees master of entertainment Jackie Chan slip easily between two worlds to be a hero in both on the adventure of a lifetime; while putting a clever spin on comedy with historical fantasy, thrilling battle scenes and astounding martial arts mixed with modern subterfuge. This is fast-paced action adventure at its best with two journeys — a present day investigation into a mystery stone that enables levitation and an ancient Chinese general's forbidden love. The Myth will delight not only Jackie's legion of fans worldwide but anyone who loves fantasy, history and intrigue or is interested in the First Emperor of China and his terracotta warriors.

The Myth also features: Shao Bing as Nangong Yan; Tam Yiu Man as Xu Gui; Kenneth Low as Dragon; Hayama Hiro as Tiger; Yao Webding as General Shen; Zhang Jianzhong as Official; Sudanshu Pandde as Dasar Guard Captain; Liang Jingke as the governess. Executive Producers are: Jackie Chan, Willie Chan, Albert Yeung, Yang Buting; The beautiful, haunting and evocative Music is by Nathan Wang and Gary Chase; Art Director is Oliver Wong; Costume Designer is Thomas Chong; The Director of Photography is Wing Wing Hang; Film Edited by Yau Chi Wai; Stunt Choreographers are: Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong, and Richard Hung; Film Produced by Willie Chan, Solon So, and Barbie Tung. Story by and Directed by Stanley Tong.

Coming to DVD as a two-disc Ultimate Edition featuring over four hours of extras, The Myth sees action movie superstar Jackie Chan and Hong Kong director Stanley Tong reunite for their first collaboration in a decade since their double whammy of Rumble In The Bronx and Jackie Chan's First Strike. The Myth will be released on DVD and Blu-ray by Cine Asia on 4 May, 2009. Price: £15.99 (DVD); £19.99 (Blu-ray) | Certificate: 15.

Special Features

Disc 1: Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Stereo Cantonese and 5.1 English audio options | English subtitles | Making Of Featurette | trailer and Music Videos Gallery.

Disc 2: Interviews with Jackie Chan, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Kim Hee Seon, Mallika Sherawat, Stanley Tong, Sun Zhou and Choi Min Soo | Deleted Scenes | Lost Scenes | Behind The Scenes (11 Featurettes) | Just For Laughs | HK Premier | Easter Egg — Cannes Festival.

"A wow of a film, The Myth sees master of entertainment Jackie Chan slip easily between two worlds to be a hero in both on the adventure of a lifetime…" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A comedy of epic proportions" — Film Treat

"It's an illusion: All that is past is like cloud and smoke… Love is the only everlasting myth" — from the theme song The Myth