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The Scarlet Tunic

The Scarlet Tunic“Set in 1802 when Napoleon Bonaparte
  ruled France, Italy and the German
  provinces and Britain was standing
  against him, The Scarlet Tunic is a
  tragic love story adapted from Thomas
s The Melancholy Hussar...”

IN EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY ENGLAND, West Country solicitor's daughter Frances Groves (Emma Fielding: Cranford) becomes betrothed to her father's business associate Humphrey Gould (John Sessions), who then returns to his home in Bath and fails to contact her.

Frances' father Edward (Jack Shepherd) has leased his land to the army and the brutal Captain John Fairfax (Simon Callow: Four Weddings And A Funeral) has brought his men to camp there before sailing off to the war. Among those men are a number of foreign soldiers prepared to fight to regain their lands, including King's German Legion Hussar Sergeant Matthaus Singer (Jean-Marc Barr: Breaking The Waves) and his brother Christoph (Thomas Lockyer).

While Frances waits in vain to hear from her fiancé and unhappily overhears some gossip about him, the frustrated soldiers are desperate to see action. Feeling trapped and let down, the headstrong girl becomes drawn to Matthaus. They begin meeting in secret and inevitably fall in love. But it is a love that is fraught with danger because, if it is discovered, Frances may well lose her standing and be branded a soldier's whore while Matthaus will suffer the consequences of bringing his regiment into disrepute.

Clandestine liaisons draw Frances and Matthaus deeper towards the point of no return and on a reckless whim they spend a stolen day together. But will Matthaus desert the army and return to his homeland without his true love; and will Frances be able to forsake honour and obedience and follow her heart? With such difficulties to overcome, can they remain true and will they be able to avoid the repercussions of their love?

The Scarlet Tunic reflects true Thomas Hardy style with both despair and poignancy while weaving a romantic tale of a turbulent age. The film is adapted from Thomas Hardy's The Melancholy Hussar by Mark Jenkins and also features: Lynda Bellingham as Emily Marlowe; Andrew Tiernan as Muller; Gareth Hale as William Parsons; Lisa Faulkner as Amy Parsons; Laura Aiken as Dottie Marlowe and Erich Redman as Strasser. Costume Designer is Gary Lane; Director of Photography is Malcolm MacLean; Written by Mark Jenkins, Colin Clements and Stuart St Paul; Music is by John Scott; Producers are Daniel Figuero and Zygi Hamasa; and the Director is Stuart St Paul.

Courtesy of Bluebell Films, The Scarlet Tunic, a timeless and touching romance filmed along the beautiful Dorset coast, with stunning photography and heartfelt performances, is available on DVD on 6 July (2009) at a RRP of £9.99.


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"The Scarlet Tunic reflects true Thomas Hardy style with both despair and poignancy while creating a romantic tale of a turbulent age" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"An unexpected treat" — Total Film