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The Shield Season 7: The Final Act

The Shield Season 7: The Final ActLA’s finest but most controversial
  and corrupt cops inveigle their way
  onto DVD for the concluding season
  of the sensational and gritty US
  television drama series The Shield
  Season 7: The Final Act

DIRTY DEALING AND DOUBLE-CROSSING is the name of the game as the award-winning police drama television series The Shield sees the final season for the elite team of cops based at Farmington Division who fight crime on the streets of Los Angeles with a no-holds-barred attitude that stops short of nothing.

The Shield has carved a name for itself as a punchy and gritty police drama series where corruption is rife, even within the force. With their ice-cold determination to nail the criminals, the Strike Team come on swift and strong. Led by rogue Detective Vic Mackey (Emmy and Golden Globe winner Michael Chiklis: Fantastic Four), they effectively crack the toughest cases — even if they have to step over the line to do so.

The Shield Season 7: The Final Act addresses the criminal activities of the Team. Vic, who administers his own brand of justice, tries to keep the balance of power in the criminal hierarchy of LA's seedy Farmington Division — who write the rules as they go along — while his tenuous relationship with Detective Shane Vendrell (Walton Coggins: The Bourne Identity) suffers further because of the latter's involvement in the death of friend and colleague Curtis "Lem" Lemansky (Kenneth Johnson). Although involved by association, Detective Ronnie Gardocki (David Rees Snell) seems to be the only one who has not resorted to cop-killing to cover up their misdemeanours.

The thirteen episodes that make up The Shield Season 7: The Final Act see Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach (Jay Carnes: The Next Best Thing) become personally involved with a woman whose son has killed a classmate in suspicious circumstances; the kidnap and assault of Noelle Echevarria (Jennifer Dalaeo), the daughter of a Cuban drug baron; the assassination of city official Robert Martin, who was guilty of insider trading; the re-emergence of Gary Barba, who slaughtered his family but his ten-year-old daughter Camille (Vicky Espinoza) survived; and Kleavon Gardner (Ray Campbell), who is defending himself in a murder trial.

Gardner has an issue with the honourable Captain Claudette Wyms (Emmy nominee CCH Pounder: Television's ER), who has been diagnosed with debilitating Lupus but is determined to clean up the force and has the support of Dutch.

Meanwhile, Detective Steve Billings (David Marciano: Lethal Weapon 2) is trying to sue the Force for injuries sustained while on duty and Sergeant Danielle "Danny" Sofer (Catherine Dent: Someone Like You) is trying to block Vic from having rights to their baby son Lee.

Final member of the team is Julien Lowe (the gorgeous Michael Jace: Forrest Gump) but former Detective David Aceveda (Benito Martinez: Million Dollar Baby) is now running for mayor and has links to the corrupt Cruz Pezuela (F J Rio), who is using a 'blackmail box' containing incriminating files to gain control over prominent citizens.

Against a violent background as Armenians, Mexicans and Salvadorians clash, Vic faces the threat of losing his badge — and worse — as he negotiates a deal with ICE to get himself and Ronnie immunity from prosecution for the death of a policeman and for benefiting from the money train.

The arrival of Federal Agent Olivia Murray (Laurie Holden) seems an ideal opportunity for Vic to pull in a favour but he doesn't quite get what he was hoping for. His team's links to hit man Zadofian (Raff Anoushian) and his double-dealing with both drug cartel head of security Guillermo Beltran (Francesco Quinn, son of Anthony) and the black drug dealers cannot be ignored.

Vic will protect his family at all costs, but former wife Corinne (Cathy Cahlin Ryan) is close to breaking point and his daughter Cassidy (Autumn Chiklis) is getting out of control. When Shane discovers that Corinne and her children are at risk, he kidnaps them to protect them; Vic retaliates and then sets Shane up to die in an ambush as retribution for Lem's death.

A botched attempt by Shane to have both Vic and Ronnie killed leads to the former going on the run, taking his pregnant wife Mara (Michele Hicks) and their young son, who is suffering from Hooping Cough and his medicine is lost.

Will Vic, Ronnie and Shane survive to fight another day? Or has everything gone too far? Is there only one way out? The Shield Season 7: The Final Act sees the tense, unpredictable conclusion to this gritty action US cop series with a shocking event that leaves the Strike Team reeling. The series will be badly missed.

The Shield Season 7: The Final Act
also features: Brian J White as Detective Tavon Garris; Paula Garces as Officer Tina Hanlon; Ludwig Manukian as Ellis Rezian; Kurt Sutter as Margos Dezerian; Mageina Tovah as Farrah; Billoah Greene as Two-Man; and David Raibon as Van Bro. The series was Created and Written by Shawn Ryan (Television's The Unit); Executive Producers are Shawn Ryan, Kurt Sutter, Charles Eglee, Adam Fierro and Kevin Cremin.

Los Angeles' controversial and unstoppable cops are back for the last time when this multi-award winning series concludes with The Shield Season 7: The Final Act that debuts on DVD (four discs containing all 13 episodes) courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, on 8 June 2009, along with The Shield: Complete Seasons 1-7 Box Set, which is available for the first time.

All-New Bonus Content includes: Featurettes on Final Season | two-part Feature Length Final Episode | Commentary on every episode | 51 Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary by Creator Shawn Ryan | Two All New Featurettes Looking at Shooting the Final Season and on being On Set for the Last Episode.

The essential collector's The Shield Complete Seasons 1-7 Box Set boasts a wealth of exclusive and unmissable extras, including a never-before-seen disc containing two Featurettes: Rampart, a documentary on the police scandal that inspired the series and The Barn, a final set tour.

DVD Special Features

Widescreen Presentation | Audio English 5.1 (Dolby Digital) | Cast and Crew Commentary on Each Episode | 51 Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary by Creator Shawn Ryan | Featurette: Nobody Expects Me To Lose, Nobody Expects To Die: The Shield's Final Season | Featurette: Last Call: The Final Episode | Closed Captioned.

The Shield Season 7

The Final Act Episodes 1 Coefficient of Drag | 2 Snitch | 3 Money Shot | 4 Genocide |
5 Animal Control | 6 Bitches Brew | 7 Parricide | 8 Moving Day | 9 Party Line | 10 Petty
Cash | 11 Possible Kill Screen | 12 Family Meeting | 13 Game Face (Two-Part Feature
Length Final Episode)

"The Shield Season 7: The Final Act sees the tense, unpredictable conclusion to this gritty action US cop series with a shocking event that leaves the Strike Team reeling. The series will be badly missed" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar