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The Sniper
The Sniper“An intense action thriller about a crack
  sniper team attached to the Hong Kong
  Police, The Sniper centres around a new
  recruit who is fascinated by a former
  team member who spent four years in
  prison for the accidental shooting of
  a hostage and is now out for revenge..

WHILE INVESTIGATING A SUSPICIOUS CAR, hot-headed Hong Kong Policeman OJ (Edison Chen: The Dark Knight; The Grudge 2; Initial D: Drift Racer) and his partner unwittingly disturb a special forces sniper team at work.

Hartman Fong (Richie Ren: Seoul Raiders; Breaking News), the team leader, and Shane (Bowie Lam) recognise OJ's skills with firearms. They draw comparison with sharpshooter and former team member Lincoln (Xiaoming Huang: Ip Man 2; The Message; The Founding Of A Republic), who was sentenced to four years for alleged manslaughter when a hostage situation went badly wrong and an innocent young man was killed.

Having served his time, Lincoln is now free but obsessed with vengeance as believes that his former friend Hartman withheld key evidence that could have saved him from prison.

Hartman won the SDU Sniper Team Top Shooter Championship four years in a row, but Lincoln was the only one in the team who could hit 500m in a full-speed wind. He wanted recognition, but Hartman had the better leadership skills and therefore was given the promotion.

Hartman has domestic problems as his materialistic wife, Mon (Michelle Ve), has left him. He delivers his daughter Jenny (Chan Lai Ling) to Mon but has to return when a hysterical Jenny discovers her mother has tried to take her own life.

OJ is beginning to exhibit the same level of shooting skills that made Lincoln such a legend on the force. The young rookie is fascinated by Lincoln, causing Hartman concern that his behaviour may mirror Lincoln's cavalier attitude.

After leaving prison, Lincoln goes home where he reconnects with his wife, Crystal (Mango Wong). There is a wonderful shot of Lincoln watching Crystal through the fish tank and, as he pours his heart out to her, we get an insight of the person he has become.

Lincoln has ingratiated himself with a gang of criminals by taking pot-shots at the police, wounding them in the legs to incapacitate them and thereby saving the gangsters' lives but Hartman recognises the skilled marksmanship as his old friend's.

Lincoln then helps the gangsters set up a massive heist, knowing that this will attract the attention of Hartman and the team. The lines are drawn and the heist is under way and Lincoln is setting out to re-enact the operation that sealed his fate.

It is the ultimate showdown between three expert snipers who are evenly matched…

The Sniper is a fantastically choreographed, thoroughly enjoyable and perfectly-paced action thriller filmed in Hong Kong. The shoot-out scenes are terrific with bullets flying along corridors and ricocheting in a lift as Lincoln expertly stays one step ahead of his former team-mates. An excellent film that doesn't demand too much of the viewer but gives a lot back.

The Sniper (Sun cheung sau) also features: Jack Kao as Tao; Liu Kai Chi as Big Head; Wilfred Lau as Iceman; and Charmaine Fong as Kit. Written by Jack Ng; Story by Dante Lam; Director of Photography is Cheung Man Po, HKSC; Original Music by Henry Lai; Executive Producer is John Chong; Producer is Candy Leung; Director is Dante Lam.

From Dante Lam, director of the pulse-pounding The Beast Stalker, comes the equally intense action thriller The Sniper, released on 12 March 2012 | Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 90 Minutes | RRP: £12.99.

"The Sniper is a fantastically choreographed, thoroughly enjoyable and perfectly paced action thriller" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"…series of action set-pieces of nail-biting intensity" — Time Out, Hong Kong

"…a wild action movie that goes right for the jugular" and "Edge-of-your-seat exciting from beginning to end" — Beyond Hollywood.Com