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The Unit: Season 3

The Unit: Season 3“Exciting and compulsive, the television
  series The Unit: Season 3 is now
  available on DVD and is becoming more
  polished and watchable with each
  season — have you cracked The Unit?

BACK WITH A BANG and now available on DVD, this gripping hit US TV show follows the team at the core of a top secret military world of conspiracy, terrorism and suspense known as The Unit.

The Unit: Season 3 is part of a gritty, thrill-a-minute series about a team of Special Forces operatives that combines compelling drama with tight, tense, action-packed storylines and believable, in-character acting, all bound together by a riveting plot. Under cover of the 303rd Logistical Studies Group, The Unit carries out worldwide covert operations for the United States Government.

The team has returned home from a successful mission but is being catapulted into the firing line once again. On official stand-down from duty pending an Article 32 investigation, the entire organisation is facing accusations of criminal activity and being blamed for a spurious, unsanctioned mission in Malaysia.

Under the command of Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick: The X-Files, Terminator 2), The Unit is charged with betraying America, committing treason and carrying out an illegal mission to assassinate a foreign dignitary — a charge that is pointedly aimed at leader Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert: 24) and his men.

Is it a witch-hunt or have shady goings-on been flying under the radar? Who is responsible for shutting down The Unit and blowing up the car of the foreign dignitary? Nobody is above suspicion and the team has to use all its skills and the tough training learned as a crack unit of the military as the only weapons available to protect themselves and their families.

Facing accusations from a special committee, Ryan stands alone with a court martial hanging over him or the offer of a free pass if he co-operates. With Blane supposedly AWOL and two other team members — Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini) and Hector Williams (Demore Barnes) — under arrest, the Colonel is out on a limb without his most trusted colleagues and now even doubts the loyalty of his estranged wife, Charlotte Canning-Ryan (Rebecca Pidgeon). Charlotte has suddenly and suspiciously been given a new, prestigious assignment in London and seems to want a reconciliation.

Is Staff Sgt Bob Brown (Scott Foley: Felicity) still part of the team — or does he have a hidden agenda working for the CIA? Has Charlotte really betrayed her husband? Or is someone else double-dealing against The Unit?

Blane has plans to spring Mack and Hector while maintaining contact with the rest of his team while he sets out to uncover the dreadful CIA secret that has forced The Unit to become outlaws. From Panama he is on the trail of a CIA operative called Mariana Ribera who has something he needs. But when Mariana is killed, Blane tries to fake his own death and ropes in Bob's wife Kim (Audrey Marie Anderson: Without A Trace) to pose as Mariana.

Fifty miles off the Honduran coast, Blane starts to unravel the mystery — but what is the supply ship, the Liberty Veil, doing in Columbia? As Blane desperately seeks answers, Tiffy Gerhardt (Abbey Brammel: CSI, Six Feet Under) discovers that Mack is no longer being held at the prison and there is no record of him ever having been there or of Tiffy visiting her husband. And it looks as if Hector has agreed to co-operate and betray his friends. Not only that, but Kim Brown is in contact with agency man Dan Warheys.

In a deadly race of survival to uncover who is behind these attacks on The Unit, the team and their wives pull out all the stops. Meanwhile, Molly Blane (Regina Taylor: I'll Fly Away) and Tiffy have gone to ask for help from Charlotte Canning-Ryan in DC…

Based on the book Inside Delta Force by Eric L Haney, The Unit is an Emmy®-nominated show and also features: Michael Irby as Charles Grey; Carlos LaCamara as Luis Royle; and Conor O'Farrell as General Heath. The complementary music is by Robert Duncan; Director Of Photography is Krishna Rao. The Unit is created by David Mamet, who is also an Executive Producer; Written by Sharon Lee Watson; and Directed by Vahan Moosekian.

Whether on the front line or back at home, these men and women are locked into The Unit. The box set contains all eleven episodes over three packed DVDs with deleted scenes, a 'making-of' featurette and director's commentary. It's a full-throttle, adrenaline-pumping drama for all fans of first-rate US television shows!

The Unit: Season 3 box set DVD is released on 20 October (2008) from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Running time: 11 x 45 minutes | Certificate: 15 | Extras: Deleted scenes, Making Of Featurette and Director's Commentary.

"The Unit may just have become my favourite thing on TV… If this kind of show was made in this country it would probably be created by Andy McNab… The Unit has nuclear weaponry and sex in motels. What more could you want?" — Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

"The Unit: Season 3 is part of a gritty, thrill-a-minute series about a team of Special Forces operatives that combines compelling drama with tight, tense, action-packed storylines and believable, in-character acting, all bound together by a riveting plot" — MotorBar