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Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy
Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy   “Following in the footsteps of great
  animation tradition, Walt Disney Studios
  releases Tinker Bell And The Pirate
; a sparkling, beautifully-imagined
  story of a rogue fairy who steals the
  precious fairy dust and runs off to
  become a pirate captain

IN A WHIMSICAL FANTASY LAND called Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell (voiced by Mae Whitman) and the other fairies are busy creating fairy dust, using the precious blue fairy dust to increase their supply, and packing it into pouches.

Misunderstood dust fairy Zarina (Christina Hendricks) is asked to perform the first steps by adding the blue fairy dust to the pot and, as she does so, she is curious about the way in which this is done and why there is no pink fairy dust.

Funny, heart-warming
and exciting,
Tinker Bell
And The Pirate Fairy
ventures onto
the high seas where
magic works its
She is told that the fairies do not interfere with the way things have been done for as long as they remember and that caution must be applied as they do not fully understand what the dust is capable of. There is no room for error.

But Zarina is inquisitive and takes home some of the dust, the vital life-blood of the fairy folk, despite the fact that the dust-keepers are forbidden to tamper with the dust; experimenting to see if she can change the colour.

Zarina speaks to Tinker Bell, who is known for bending the rules herself; and shows her how she has made the dust in purple and pink. But her experiments go wrong and a plant she has sprinkled with the dust grows and grows, destroying everything in its wake.

Banned from working with the fairy dust, Zarina steals the rare blue dust and throws in her lot with the pirates of Skull Rock, to whom she has promised a very special gift that would take the pirates further afield than they had ever been.

The fairies, led by Tinker Bell, are in hot pursuit and must embark on the adventure of a lifetime in order to return the fairy dust to its rightful place. Finding that their world has been turned upside down, with each fairy's talents being switched for another, they must adjust to the changes and race against time to take back the pixie dust and return home safe to Pixie Hollow.

Using an extraordinary craft to get to the pirate ship, the Pixie Posse join the good fight against evil. But can they succeed in restoring order to their world? And how will Zarina fare? Beware the power of the fairy dust!

Funny, heart-warming and exciting, Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy ventures onto the high seas where magic works its wonder. A tremendous success at the box office, this delightful animation is suitable for all the family.

Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy also features the voice talents of: Tom Hiddleston as Cabin Boy James; Lucy Lui as Silvermist; Jane Horrocks as Fairy Mary; Angelica Houston as Queen Clarion; Pamela Adlon as Vidia; Angela Bartys as Fawn; Jim Cummings as Oppenheimer; Carlos Ponce as Bonito; Jesse McCartney as Terrence; Jeff Bennett as Smee and Clank; Raven Symoné as Iridessa; and Megan Hilty as Rosetta.

Original Score Composed and Conducted by Joel McNeely; Story by John Lasseter, Peggy Holmes, Bobs Gannaway, Jeffrey M Howard, Lorna Cook and Craig Gerber; Screenplay by Jeffrey M Howard and Kate Kondell; Executive Produced by John Lasseter; Produced by Jennifer Magee-Cook and Directed by Peggy Holmes.

* Charting a course for the most exciting Disney fairies adventure ever, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends are back sprinkling their magic from the world of Peter Pan, an all-new swashbuckling animated adventure released on Digital Download from 9 June 2014 and onto Disney Blu-ray and DVD from 23 June 2014. Certificate: U | Running Time: 75 Minutes Approximately.

Bonus Content:

DVD & Blu-ray Mickey Mouse Short, Stayin' Cool.

Blu-ray Only Pixie Hollow Bake Off Short | Croc-U-Mentary | Deleted Scenes with Film Maker Introductions: Tea House Disappointment | Vidia's Birthday Surprise, Zarina Experiments & Fairies Unite | Making of The Frigate That Flies | Sing-Along Songs: Who I Am; The Frigate That Flies | Second Star To The Right; The Legacy of Never Land | Animated Shorts: Aaarrgh! & Treasure Chest.

"Funny, heart-warming and exciting, Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy ventures onto the high seas where magic works its wonder"
Maggie Woods