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Tokarev“Leaving his criminal past behind him
  following the loss of his wife to cancer,
  a man brings up his adored only child
  and remarries, becoming a successful
  businessman who has it all; until one
  fateful night the past returns and he
  wreaks a bloody revenge to find those
  responsible for the killing of his daughter
  in the compelling thriller with a shocking
  twist, Tokarev

FROM HARDENED CRIMINAL to a successful businessman with a charmed life, Paul Maguire (Nicolas Cage: Kick Ass) has made his transition too the right side of the law and now lives with his beloved daughter Caitlin (Aubrey Peeples) and his beautiful second wife Vanessa (Rachel Nichols: Star Trek; Conan The Barbarian).

One night, Paul and Caitlin set off for a charity dinner, leaving Caitlin with two of her friends, Evan (Jack Falahee) and Michael (Max Fowler: The Killing; May Day) a night that will see Paul's whole world come crashing down and that will change his and Vanessa's lives forever.

is an exciting
revenge thriller
with a relentless
Paul's former adversary, Detective Peter St John (Danny Glover: Lethal Weapon; Saw) brings him the shattering news that Caitlin has been kidnapped by intruders and the two boys have been roughed up; and then a girl is found dead in the woods.

Identifying Caitlin's body, Paul is convinced that the past has caught up with him. Having killed a Russian mobster some years before, he wonders if this is revenge. Despite Peter's assurance that he is handling the case and his insistence that Paul should leave it to the Police, the grieving father takes the law into his own hands.

With the help of his friends, former partners in crime Kane (Max Ryan) and Danny Doherty (Michael McGrady), Paul begins his search for the killers, leaving a bloody trail in his wake. Starting with drug dealers and lowlife, the three men search the underworld and deal with the Russian Mafia, including ruthless mob boss Chernov (Pasha D Lychnikoff).

Even a warning from Paul's old crime boss Francis "Frank" O'Connell (Peter Stormare), fails to dissuade Paul from his crusade. More tragedy is to come as, too late, a shocking twist is revealed and the blood bath can only end in one way…

Can a man ever truly leave behind his past sins? With high stakes and the bodies piling even higher, Tokarev is an exciting thriller with a relentless pace as a bereaved father is out to dispense his own form of justice. The wonderful Nicolas Cage is, as always, credible as the unstoppable man whose blind rage and heartbreaking grief drives him to desperate measures. Danny Glover is a terrific foil as he tries to calmly regain control. Some scenes of violence and torture.

Tokarev also features: Weston Cage as Young Paul; Ron Coleman as Detective Hanson; Patrice Cols as Anton; Michael Papajohn as Vory; Garrison Baugh-Tyler as Ivan; Kelly Tippens as Eleanor; and Bella Stevens as Singing Little Girl.

Music is by Laurent Eyquem; Director of Photography is Andrzej Sekula; Written by James Agnew and Sean Keller, both of whom are Executive Producers; Produced by Richard Del Castro and Michael Mendelsohn; and Directed by Paco Cabezas.

* Nicolas Cage is back with a bang in the action-packed, high-octane revenge drama Tokarev, making its UK debut on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment, on 22 September 2014. Running Time: 134 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: DVD ABD1227; Blu-ray ABB8207 | RRP: DVD £15.99; Blu-ray £19.99. Special Features: Deleted Scenes | Trailer.

"Tokarev is an exciting gangland revenge thriller with a relentless pace"
Maggie Woods