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Traffik “A romantic road trip turns into a
  nightmare when a young couple fall
  foul of a biker gang working for a violent
  criminal who will kill anyone who
  crosses him or interferes with his
  lucrative but appalling illegal business
  in the tense thriller Traffik

DEDICATED SACRAMENTO POST JOURNALIST BREA (Paula Paton: About Last Night; Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) is in love with her mechanic boyfriend John (Omar Epps: House; Shooter) but is not sure if she is ready for a lifetime commitment.

Brea is ambitious and wants to faolow her chosen career, which she loves; and when her boss Carl Waynewright (William Fichtner: Empire; Drive Angry) gives the assignment exposing high-level corruption that she had worked so hard on to another reporter she is upset and angry.

Traffik is a tense
and edgy thriller in
which a chance
encounter leads to
a terrifying and violent
On her birthday, Brea is given a beautiful muscle car John has rebuilt for her and, unknown to her, he plans to whisk her away to a mountain hideaway organised by his friend, Sport Agent Darren "Dee" Cole (Laz Alonso), to propose marriage.

At a gas station on the way to their romantic break, John has an altercation with a tough-looking biker and Brea meets a disturbed young woman, Cara (Dawn Olivieri), who gives her a strange message.

Riding menacingly, the biker chases Brea and John along winding country roads in a dangerous high-speed chase until John is forced to take action, unaware that all these incidents will bring a living nightmare to their door.

Brash and overconfident, Darren surprises Brea and John by bringing his girlfriend Malia (Roselyn Sanchez) to join them, thus spoiling John's surprise for Brea — a decision Dee will soon regret.

Someone at the door heralds a horrifying and shocking visit that will see the friends fighting for their lives as they are terrorised by the murderous gang led by the cold-blooded Red (the credible Luke Goss), demanding the return of incriminating evidence Brea and John have unwittingly acquired. And they don't care what they have to do to get it back.

Escape seems impossible and not everyone will come out alive as Red is desperate to prevent his involvement in the dreadful and lucrative human trafficking from being discovered.

Traffik is a tense and edgy thriller in which a chance encounter leads to a terrifying and violent tragedy. Clichéd in places and a little lightweight, the characters are likeable enough and there is sufficient drama and a few plot twists to keep you watching.

Inspired by true events, Traffik also features: Missi Pyle as Deputy Sheriff Sally Marnes; Steve Schriver as Deputy Lowe; Lorin McCraley as Billy; Scott Anthony Lect as Scoot; Claude Duhamel as Pony; and Jeff Wiesen as Steven.

Music is by Geoff Zanelli; Director of Photographer is Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC; Produced by Roxanne Avent pga, Deon Taylor pga, and Paula Patton; Written and Directed by Deon Taylor.

Traffik is released on DVD by LionsGate Home Entertainment in the UK on 16 July 2016 and available to Download on 3 July 2018. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 92 Minutes Approximately.

"Traffik is a tense and edgy thriller in which a chance encounter leads to a terrifying and violent tragedy"
*** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A true roller coaster of a ride" — Starburst Magazine

"Taken meets Straw Dogs" — Love Horror