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Transformers: Beast Machines — Season 2
Transformers: Beast Machines A BEVY OF BEAUTIFUL AND FANTASTIC BEAST MACHINES in iridescent colours storm their way across Cybertron as they fight to wrest their home planet back from the evil Decepticon Megatron and his Vehicons in Transformers: Beast Machines. Season 2 of the hit animated television series is now available to buy on DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The struggle for domination thunders on in Series 2 as, with no memory
of how or why they are there, the Maximals have found themselves mysteriously transported back to Cybertron. There they face a life-or-death battle to free their home planet from their enemies and to restore it to its former glory before all life is doomed. The Maximals also want to free the Transformers being used by Megatron to fight against them as they believe they can return them to their orginal allegiance.

Optimus Prime (Gorilla) leads the Maximals into battle with an army that includes a cheetah (Cheetor), an eagle, a bat and a slender and attractive acrobatic pink spider. They have many talents, including the use of their mechanical parts to repair machinery and weapons as well as to fight with (in robot mode).

The beautifully fluid Maximals use 'hip' dialogue "a strategic advance to the rear" means "RUN!" and are visually pleasing, especially in beast mode. The styles and colours of the Maximals reminded me of Egyptian Gods and Aztec illustrations. The series is exciting and inventive. To betray Megatron is to invite death. We are told that the Maximals "Obsidian and Striker have fought a thousand wars together and won them all."

The adventures to save The Sparks are particularly holding. Optimus Prime has an oracle inside him that can reach The Sparks but Megatron can interfere with it and prevent him penetrating the place where they are held. And Decepticon Megatron lives up to his name when he approaches Optimus Prime in the guise of a friend while he is trying to make contact with The Sparks.

Featuring the voices of Jim Byrnes, Garry Chalk and Patricia Drake, Transformers: Beast Machines is suitable for and will be enjoyed by children or adults who are fans of fantasy animation.

The action sequences are great; with explosions, enemies falling and balls of fire that almost make you believe you can feel the ground shake!

Transformers: Beast Machines takes the age-old battle to a new level with weird and wonderful animals replacing the vehicular forms of the Autobots. It is all very space age with fantastic technology and the clever touches will be appreciated.

Transformers: Beast Machines — Season 2 went on sale on
19 November (2007) at a RRP of 9.99. Certificate: TBC | Genre: Animation/Sci-Fi.