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Trial & Retribution — The Fifth Collection

Trial & Retribution - The Fifth CollectionThe superb Fifth Series of Trial &
comes to DVD with four
  more superb double episodes to
  thrill and perplex fans just as much
  as ever: Rules Of The Game; Kill The
; Conviction and The Box

THE BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN AND PERFECTLY CAST Trial & Retribution has now reached its fifth series, continuing to enthral its many fans with the riveting, well-paced action. And if you think it's all straightforward investigations, think again.

The four new double episodes are every bit as tight and inventive as we have come to expect over the ten years that the Trial & Retribution team has been working on shocking and violent crimes. Fluent and natural, the existing team comprises of seasoned detective DCS Michael (Mike) Walker (David Hayman: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas), ambitious and determined DCI Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit: About A Boy), DS Satchell (Dorian Lough: Notting Hill) and DS Sam Palmer (Vince Leigh).

Newcomers DI Moira Lynch (Kerry Fox: Intimacy) and DI Jack Mullins (David O'Hara: The Departed) make up the main characters and each episode benefits from a good quality support cast. Each story is as intriguing as the first and the team works flat-out to bring criminals to justice.

The first double episode, Rules Of The Game, begins with a drama on the hottest day of the year around an abandoned suitcase at Heathrow Airport that proves to hold the naked body of a young woman, who has been strangled.

The only clue is a towelling robe from the Linden Hotel on London's Park Lane and the trail leads to powerful Ukrainian millionaire Vitali Malikov (Marcel Iures), an unsavoury character who has already escaped an attempted rape charge on a girl called Anya in the past. He seems to have few redeeming traits — but is he capable of murder?

Mike and Roisin go head-to-head as they disagree about the way to handle the case. Mike worked on the original assault case against Malikov, who had then been a diplomat attached to the Ukrainian Embassy.

From CCTV camera film at the hotel, the Duty Manager (Tanveer Ghani) recognises one of two call girls entering the lobby as Theresa Korovina (Ksenia Zaitseva) but the other girl could be the murder victim. When Roisin questions Theresa, she comes up with the name Anastasia, who turns out to be UCL college student Sofia Petrenko (Olga Fedori). And both girls were headed for the penthouse suite occupied by Malikov.

Malikov admits the suitcase was his and that he knew Anastasia, but he has friends in high places — starting at the Deputy Commissioner's Office in New Scotland Yard. With all clues leading to Malikov and Anya having committed suicide two years before, the team has to sift through a tissue of lies and dead ends before coming to a conclusion.

Is Sofia's boyfriend Dan Vaughan's (Jamie Glover) alibi as watertight as it looks? And is her sister Maryna (Branka Katic) as innocent as she claims? As Malikov says: "You have no idea what goes on in this country."

Rules Of The Game also features: Adrian Rawlins as Plaskett; Yuri Stpanov as Nicolai Petrenko; Madlena Nedeva as Irina Petrenko; and Nicholas Khan as Armand. Writers are Dudi Appleton and Jim Keeble; Executive Producer and Series Creator is Lynda La Plante; Producer is Jolyon Symonds; Art Director: Tony Roche; and Director: David Moore.

In Kill The King, Mike Walker's close friend, Professor Jonathan Carlisle (Benedict Taylor) — a respected paediatric surgeon — is found dead at his home by his girlfriend, anaesthetist Neelah Sahjani (Shelly Conn).

He has been struck on the head with a blunt instrument but also has a high level of Fentanyl, a strong pain-killing drug, in his body — a large supply of which has been flushed down the lavatory. Further investigations reveal a big question mark hanging over Jonathan because a little girl with a heart condition, Amber Webster (Evie May Cassidy), died six hours after 'routine surgery'.

Amber's distraught parents Gemma (Brid Brennan) and Gary (John Lynch) find life impossible without their 'angel', but does Gary hate Jonathan enough to take the law into his own hands?

Gary is driven mad by grief and continually visits the mortuary to see Amber's body, aided by Dave Morley (Adam Lake). And not only has he been stalking Jonathan Carlisle — forcing him to take out a restraining order — but also Dr Adrian Lawson (Ben Miles), whose wife Sally (Hattie Morahan) may have something to hide.

There is more tragedy in store for the Websters and Sam Palmer is finding out from Sister Claire Jenkin (Joanne King) that Jonathan wasn't the saint he is supposed to have been. And when she rang to get advice from Jonathan about Amber a woman answered the telephone — and it wasn't Neelah.

False leads give the team a tough task. So will they be able to sort out the innocent from the guilty? Who has the most to lose?

Kill The King is written by Christian Spurrier; Director of Photography: Nigel Willoughby; Art Director: Jonnie Mead; Executive Producer is Lynda La Plante; Producer is Jolyon Symonds and Director is Gillies Mackinnon.

Conviction sees criminal Terry Dyer return from prison to an East London council estate, desperate to expose the facts surrounding the murder he swears he didn't commit.

As Roisin Connor takes command of the investigation; she opens up a can of worms. Long buried secrets and horrific events are uncovered in this thrilling tale of injustice, revenge and tragedy.

For the final double episode, In The Box, Mike Walker returns home to Glasgow to investigate the death of the wife of Kevin Reid — a man who has a dark past and even darker ties to his brother Ronnie.

The Police are convinced that the brothers are somehow involved in her death but are they digging in the wrong place? Could it be that the truth is a little further from home, and will there be time to uncover it before it is permanently buried?

Acorn Media is delighted to announce the DVD release of the Fifth Collection of the hugely popular and long-running crime drama Trial & Retribution. One of television's favourite crime dramas, Trial & Retribution The Fifth Collection is written by the award-winning Lynda La Plante and is known for its clever use of split-screens. The Fifth Series features four more hard-hitting dramas: Rules Of The Game, Kill The King, Conviction and The Box and it comes to DVD on 2 February 2009, presented as a stunning three-disc set. Cat no: AV9674 | Running Time: 360 Mins on three discs | RRP: 24.99.

"The brilliantly-written and perfectly-cast Trial & Retribution has now reached its fifth series, continuing to enthral its many fans with the riveting, well-paced action" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar