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Twin Daggers

Twin Daggers“A superb action period revenge thriller
  with terrific fight scenes, Twin Daggers
  subtly challenges you to be a super-
  sleuth with clever twists to throw you
  off the right track as a hit-man is hired
  to kill a murderous sister...

SETTING THE SCENE IN LOS ANGELES IN 1935, Twin Daggers draws you slowly in; creating the background for the lead characters, including high-profile hit-man Scholar (the lovely Rhett Giles: Lost; Home And Away), who has exceptional talents.

The poetry-loving Scholar was working for Army Intelligence when the release of three prison inmates — Body (Veronica Bero), Flex (Joey Covington) and Ghost (Vasilios Elovalis) — was arranged, in order to recruit them. Trained by Scholar, they worked alongside each other until two FBI agents were apparently accidentally killed and Army Intelligence refused to acknowledge the four.

Going their own separate ways, they became bought-and-paid-for assassins. Scholar, Body, Flex and Ghost have not seen each other since — until they are brought together by Lan (Roy Wang), whose cousin, the exotically-beautiful Kay (CoCo Su), has an unusual assignment for them.

Kay tells them that her twin sister Sue (also played by CoCo Su) killed her much-loved parents and she is now the head of a large corporation, Moi International Inc, the family business. Offering the four assassins $400,000 to go to Shanghai in China and kill Sue, she tells them she is determined to get her revenge. She stipulates two conditions: nobody else but Sue must be hurt and there must be no witnesses.

Pretty soon the four assassins have fallen out, with each wanting to be the one that takes out their target. Scholar arranges to meet Sue on the pretext of doing business with Moi International, but far from being the cold-hearted killer he had been lead to believe she was, he finds her charming, sweet and intelligent and he falls in love with her.

Sue is constantly surrounded by her staff and bodyguards, but Scholar finally gains her trust and is invited into her private boudoir. Presented with the opportunity, he is unable to kill her and he also protects her from the other assassins, concluding that he may well have to kill his former colleagues.

Will he fulfil his commitment to his paying client or give in to his romantic feelings for Sue? Scholar enters into a dangerous liaison with both sisters, never totally sure which is telling the truth — despite Kay's reassurances.

Even questioning Lan draws a blank, as the girls' cousin tells him that he loves them both and it would make no difference to him whatever happened as he is only interested in business. He advises Scholar to do the job and take the money.

Will Scholar finally be able to do what he is being paid for? Which of the sisters is telling the truth or do they both have a hidden agenda? All is not what it seems. And watch for the seemingly-innocuous antique that doubles as the perfect weapon.

Culminating in a spectacular martial arts battle between one of the twins and the assassins hired to kill Sue, Twin Daggers is an intricate movie that delivers one surprise twist after another. Twin Daggers is an absolutely fantastic movie with an intriguing, clever storyline and terrific, dramatic and visual fight sequences.

The film also features the wonderful Cheryl Drake as The Woman in the Restaurant.

Twin Daggers
is Action Choreographed by Kan Ng; Photographed by Chinghui Shao; Music is Composed by Daniel Kuo; Screenplay is by Allen Shan; Executive Producers are: Howard Zhang and Tuen-Pin Yang; Produced by Mickey Kaiserman and Guoling Li; Directed by Kuen-Hou Chen.

Revenge is only the beginning as you kick-start an action movie night-in with the explosive martial arts spectacular Twin Daggers, where the lines between assassins and targets merge into a gripping tale to be released on DVD on 8 August by 2020 Films. Catalogue Number: TTF003.UK.DR | Barcode: 5060255690574 | Runnning Time: 98 Minutes.

"Twin Daggers is an absolutely fantastic movie with an intriguing, clever storyline and terrific, dramatic and visual fight sequences" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar