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Two And A Half Men: Season 3

Two And A Half Men: Season 3 From the creator of Roseanne comes
  the smile-a-minute Two And A Half Men
  — America’s Number One Emmy
  Award-nominated television comedy.
  Season 3 is now available on DVD and
  will have you laughing two and a half
  times more...

(Spin City, Platoon) stars in the hit television comedy Two And A Half Men as confirmed bachelor
so far
Charlie Harper, a successful and respected advertising career man living out a luxurious, sun-soaked lifestyle in Malibu.

Two And A Half Men is based on the humorous real life experiences of the programme's creator and portrays Charlie as an attractive, but selfish, man with beautiful women falling at his feet, a desirable beach house and a new Mercedes in the garage. Charlie values his peaceful existence but it cannot last — his brother Alan (John Cryer: Hot Shots, Pretty In Pink), with son Jake (Angus T Jones: The Rookie) in tow, turns up with packed cases.

Having divorced his neurotic wife Judith (Marin Hinkle: Without A Trace, Law & Order) and lost his home, uptight geeky Alan wants to move in with Charlie. But is the commitment-phobic, freewheeling Charlie ready to become a second father to Jake and a new best friend to Alan? Not only that, but will the boys' promiscuous, trendy and controlling mother Evelyn (Holland Taylor: The Truman Show) benefit from having both her boys under one roof where she can continue to annoy them?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Evelyn is on the lookout for a girlfriend for Alan and brings her friend Mona (Sandra Purpuro) to the beach house to introduce them. However, Alan has fallen off a ladder and is in a neck brace with both hands bandaged and his trousers are at half-mast. Instead of worrying about his injuries, Evelyn's parting shot is: "Do you stay awake nights trying to think of new ways to embarrass me?"!

The dialogue is polished and very snappy — Two And A Half Men takes every advantage of any situation to turn it into comedy and the characters are dynamite. When Charlie takes Jake out and buys him fried chicken to eat in the car, Jake isn't satisfied and begins a list of 'I wants'. Charlie responds: "I want my 80,000-dollar Mercedes not to smell like chicken but life is full of disappointments." Fed up with the boy's demands, he retorts: "How about we just stop by the video store and I just stuff you through the return slot?" Jake, cockily: "I wouldn't fit." Charlie, losing it: "Try me!"

Poor Jake — a mother who pretends she isn't home and an uncle who really doesn't understand kids. Jake's irritating little ways of being a troublesome teenager throw cold water over Charlie's chat-up lines and soon cause a pain too far for him — hopefully, it's just the chicken!

Alan is a chiropractor and when an enormous patient collapses on top of him and traps him, ex-wife Judith is complaining to him on his mobile. He snaps and says: "You're not the only one under pressure." But there is more to come: Alan gets Charlie to help with the surgery but when the Malibu romeo employs Coco (Candace Kita) an attractive — but very suspect — masseuse, Alan almost has apoplexy!

And then it's his turn to get tongue-tied when Jake is suspended for making a couple of boobs at school. Alan soon discovers that Charlie's domineering, blue collar housekeeper Berta (wonderful portrayal by Conchata Ferrell) is not amused and the lesbian head Ms Gallagher (Diane Sellers) is taking no prisoners.

In one episode, Charlie actually meets the woman who can say no. Mia (Emmanuelle Vaugier) wants to take things sloooowly and Charlie thinks he has met The One. But Charlie is beginning to find abstinence difficult and things begin to go badly wrong.

With an exceptional cast, original scripting and a passionate fan base, Two And A Half Men is a ground-breaking television sitcom format about an unconventional family and the crazy and charismatic women who come into their lives. It is also good to see that the bottom line is that both men love Jake and want what's best for him.

Produced by Michael Collier and Directed by Gary Halvorson, the series is currently being broadcast exclusively on Paramount Comedy and is a warm-hearted story of parenthood, friendship, sex, dating, sibling relations and — most importantly — love. There are many one-liners and great gags — and although the canned laughter is rather more irritating than on other American sit-coms, we did get used to it.

Have a blast with the boys as Charlie, Alan and Jake attempt to strike a happy medium. Created and written by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, the gag-laden Two And A Half Men: Season 3 was released on DVD on 19 May (2008), courtesy of Warner Home Video. RRP: £24.99. Certificate 12. Running Time: 504 minutes 48 seconds!

"Delivers a steady stream of one-liners and slapstick with one simple aim: Making you laugh. A lot. And it succeeds." — The Evening Standard

"Sheen is nearly impossible not to enjoy… easily worth a laugh and a half" — Entertainment Weekly

"The dialogue is polished and very snappy — Two And A Half Men takes every advantage
of any situation to turn it into comedy and the characters are dynamite… [the series] will have you laughing two and a half times more" — MotorBar