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UnlockedA gifted young desk-bound CIA analyst
  is called back into action where she
  faces danger and betrayal, placing her
  life and the lives of those close to her on
  the line, as London is threatened with
  a potential chemical attack in the terrific
  modern espionage thriller with a fast-
  paced storyline Unlocked...”

WORKING AT A COMMUNITY CENTRE as a case worker helping residents of a London borough, Alice Racine (a stand-out performance from Noomi Rapace: Prometheus) is an undercover desk-bound CIA analyst who suffered a setback after an incident in 2012 that left her believing that she was responsible for the delay in issuing a warning of an Algerian terrorist bomb that caused serious injuries and loss of life in Paris.

Born in Europe and a former teenage runaway after her mother moved to the United States, Alice meets her contact at MI5, Emily Knowles (Toni Collette: Little Miss Sunshine), who gives her a solid lead on some sensitive information about a potential terror attack.

is an enjoyable,
fast-paced spy thriller
that you can roll along
with very nicely...”
Meanwhile, a courier taking a message from known terrorist associate Imam Yasid Kaleel (Makram J Khoury) to Muslim-convert David Mercer (Michael Epp), is pulled off the street for questioning and, following the death of his interrogator, Jim McAllister, Alice is called up by her friend and mentor Eric Lasch (Michael Douglas: Ant Man) and asked to go back into the field.

Brilliant at her job, she is approached by Frank Sutter (Matthew Marsh), who says he is with London Station, and is given the task of questioning the captured courier, Lateef el Hajjam (Aymen Hamdouchi: War Machine).

After a worrying conversation with CIA chief Bob Hunter (John Malkovich: Deepwater Horizon), Alice realises she has been compromised. She escapes to a safe house and is alarmed to find it is being burgled by East End wide-boy and former Marine Jack Alcott (Orlando Bloom: Pirates of the Caribbean). But is he really what he claims to be?

As her investigations and interrogations reveal a complex plot of internal scheming and double-crossing, Alice is to experience betrayal, tragedy and loss; along with death-defying situations as she dodges bullets and relies on her wits to fight both the threat on the streets and from within the intelligence services.

In a frantic race to save the capital from the impending catastrophic biological attack with the deadly Russian-produced Variant K, and despite being unsure of whom, if anyone, she can trust, Alice draws on every ounce of strength and knowledge at her disposal. But the countdown has already begun…

Unlocked follows in the footsteps of high-class spy thrillers with a strong female lead. Noomi Rapace raises the action a notch higher with her kick-ass character and Toni Collette takes charge effectively.

A little light-hearted fun is thrown into the mix with Orlando Bloom's clichéd Eastender; a seemingly lovable rogue with a hidden agenda. Predictable twists and turns are peppered with enough surprises to keep you guessing.

Michael Douglas and John Malkovich are always good to watch and Tosin Cole (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) as Amjad, whose appearance was all too brief, needed a much meatier role. The plot may be, as some have criticised, overused in movies; but there are enough tweaks to keep you tightly gripped. Unlocked is an enjoyable, fast-paced spy thriller that you can roll along with very nicely.

Unlocked also features: Adelayo Adedayo (Some Girls) as Noma; Brian Caspe as Ed Romley; and Akshay Kumar as Salim.

Music is by Stephen Barton; Director of Photography is George Richmond; Written by Peter O'Brien; Producers are: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Georgina Townsley, Erik Howsam and Claudia Bluemhuber; Directed by Michael Apted (The World Is Not Enough).

* A stellar cast unite in the modern espionage thriller Unlocked, released in the UK on DVD, Blu-ray and Download on 28 August 2017. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 98 Minutes.

"Unlocked is an enjoyable, fast-paced spy thriller that you can roll along with very nicely" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Noomi Rapace is kick-ass fantastic" — S Magazine