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Vantage Point

Vantage Point“Wouldnt it be interesting to see life
  from several different perspectives?
  The action-packed political thriller,
  Vantage Point, does exactly that.
s also superbly filmed and fast-
  paced all the way through to the
  satisfyingly tied-up ends!

THIS TERRIFIC FILM HAS AN ALL-STAR CAST who work extremely well together to produce a tight, exciting and action-packed political thriller that never seems to take a breather. They don't come much better than Vantage Point.

Thomas Barnes (the ever-brilliant Dennis Quaid, who slips neatly into character: In Good Company, The Day After Tomorrow) is a secret service agent who, along with the acerbic Kent Taylor (TV heart-throb Matthew Fox: Lost, Smokin' Aces), is assigned to protect US President Ashton (William Hurt: Into The Wild) at a counter-terrorism summit in Salamanca, Spain — in the wake of a recent bombing. The world unites as over 150 countries taking a stand against violence.

Barnes is a veteran member of the POTUS Secret Service security detail and, having already taken a bullet for President Ashton, is recovering from a breakdown. But he is nevertheless ready to spring back into action when the President is shot twice in an assassination attempt and a bomb goes off — and then another. Chaos ensues and incongruent characters collide; convincingly involving the viewer in the lives of the people who witnessed and/or may have taken part in the act of terrorism.

In the same fifteen-minute period, the film shows the different viewpoints of a handful of characters before, and in the aftermath of, the terrifying event. Gradually the shocking truth unfolds — and nobody is above suspicion.

Global Network News television producer Rex Brooks (Sigourney Weaver: Infamous, Ghostbusters) is issuing directives to cameramen and news anchors — including the youthful and inexperienced Angie Jones (ZoŰ Saldana) — when Barnes notices a curtain twitching in a building that has already been searched. Close by, Enrique (Eduardo Noriega) sees his girlfriend Veronica (Ayelet Zurer) in the arms of another man before she ditches the handbag he has just given her.

The next viewpoint is that of Howard Lewis (Oscar-winning Forest Whitaker: The Last King Of Scotland), an American tourist there by chance while touring Spain without his family and who believes he has caught the would-be assassin on his camcorder. We are also treated to President Ashton's own perspective and that of the terrorists.

In a similar vein to such action films such as The Bourne Ultimatum and television hit 24, Vantage Point keeps you on the edge of your seat as you are riveted to the screen guessing who the good guys — and the bad guys — really are. There is a stunning, adrenaline-fuelled car chase and a frenzy of activity as the characters struggle either to escape the consequences of their actions or find the would-be assassins.

During an interview, Dennis Quaid apparently described Vantage Point as "a Rashomon" — the 1950 film from Akira Kurosawa, who was a pioneer of this style of film, about the aftermath of a heinous crime recalled from different viewpoints.

Directed by British filmmaker Peter Travis (Omagh, Henry VIII), the film also features Edgar Ramirez as Javier, formerly of special forces; Sa´d Taghmaoui as Suarez; Bruce McGill as Phil McCullough, the President's adviser; Richard T Jones as Holden, a member of the Secret Service security detail during the summit; James Le Gros as Ted Heinkin; Holt McCallany as Ben Matthews; Leonardo Nam as Kevin Cross; Dolores Heredia as Marie; and the very sweet Alicia Jaziz Zapien as Anna, the little girl who walks into danger.

Vantage Point is Written by Barry L Levy, Executive Producer is Callum Greene, Director of Photography is Amir Mokri and the distinctive music is by Atli Írvarsson.

Vantage Point is now available to buy on DVD, Blu-ray and UMD Video and also to rent (released 4 August, 2008), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The Blu-ray release includes great interactive features such as a Picture-in-Picture GPS tracker that allows the viewer to watch two vantage points of this exciting thriller simultaneously whilst tracking all the listed characters at once on a GPS map. It's the ultimate interactive movie experience and enables the viewer to see the various different perspectives at any given time during the film.

Special Features — Commentary With Director Pete Travis | An Inside Perspective | Plotting An Assassination | Surveillance Tapes | Trailers.

"This terrific film has an all-star cast who work extremely well together to produce a tight, exciting and action-packed political thriller that never seems to take a breather. They don't come much better than Vantage Point" — MotorBar