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VendettaA top Special Services soldier, late
  returning from a tour of Afghanistan,
  finds that his parents have been
  horrifically murdered; and he sets
  out to track down the cold-blooded
  killers responsible to give them
  a taste of their own medicine in the
  violent yet compulsive thriller

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES and for Special Services Interrogator James 'Jimmy' Vickers (Danny Dyer: Severence; The Football Factory) the twenty-four hours he was detained in Afghanistan was long enough to give someone the opportunity to violently murder his parents, Sandra (good to see the lovely Emma Samms: Dynasty) and George Vickers (Tony Denham).

Taxi driver George chanced upon a brutal and sadistic criminal gang terrorising a young woman who was driving to the bank with the takings of the company she worked for. Having accidentally killed one of the youths who attacks him and chasing the rest of them, George triggers a terrifying chain of events from which there is no escape and no mercy.

“Vendetta ticks all the
right boxes and is a great
action movie that keeps
your eyes firmly fixed to
the screen — don’t blink
too hard or you might
miss it!
The dead youth was the brother of local thug, thief and drug dealer Warren Evans (Joshua Osei) and Evans isn't someone you mess with lightly. He is out to avenge himself on George and teach him a lesson that others will never forget by killing George and his wife in an horrific and sadistic way.

But if Evans think he and his gang will get away with it, he has another think coming. Jimmy Vickers is grief-stricken at the death of his beloved parents and will not rest until the last of Evans' gang has suffered a gruesome death.

Jimmy has made contact with his estranged wife Morgan (Roxanne McKee: Game Of Thrones) but even she cannot deter him from his chosen path. As a top interrogator who would stop at nothing to extract the information he needed he has gone AWOL from his unit, and is on a very personal and specialised mission to avenge his parents.

With the police closing in and the army, led by the head of his old unit Colonel Leach (Vincent Regan: 300; Lock Out), not far behind, Jimmy uses all his experience gained in Special Forces to avoid his pursuers and trap the killers to mete out his extreme form of justice. But will he be able to complete his mission before he is stopped?

A violent and sometimes difficult to watch film that is, nevertheless, full of tension and features an assortment of credible characters, Vendetta ticks all the right boxes and is a great action movie that keeps your eyes firmly fixed to the screen don't blink too hard or you might miss it! Danny Dyer is brilliant, totally real and his performance has, not surprisingly, been described as "a career best".

Graphic violence peppers the scenes unnecessarily and will spoil for some what is a terrific movie. We didn't need to see as much as we did and suggestion is often more horrific than painting the whole picture. It is gruesome. And just when it appears to be all over there is still one final scene, so don't miss it.

An explosive, all-action revenge film, the must-see Vendetta also features: Bruce Payne (Passenger 57) as Rooker; Nick Nevern (Terry) as Ronnie; Ricci Harnett (Rise Of The Footsoldier) as Joe Windsor; Hugo Myatt as Carter; and Jay Sutherland as Eliot Grant.

Music is by Phil Mountford; Director of Photography is Hader Zafar; Produced by Jonathan Southcott (The Fall Of The Essex Boys; upcoming Assassins, also starring Danny Dyer alongside Martin and Gary Kemp); Written, Edited and Directed by Stephen Reynolds (The Fall Of The Essex Boys).

* Vendetta is released in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray on 23 December 2013. Bonus Features: Deleted Scenes | Behind The Scenes | Trailer | Short Film The Snowman.

"Vendetta ticks all the right boxes and is a great action movie that keeps your eyes firmly fixed to the screen don't blink too hard or you might miss it!"
Maggie Woods