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Who Pays The Ferryman
Who Pays The Ferryman“A highly watchable and successful
  BBC television drama from 1977,
  Who Pays The Ferryman is set on the
  beautiful Greek island of Crete, where
  a former soldier who fought alongside
  the Resistance during World War II
  returns to the island to make his peace
  with the past but encounters danger
  and tragedy..

AFTER SELLING HIS BOAT-BUILDING BUSINESS, Alan Haldane (Jack Hedley: The Crimson Blade) returns to Crete to look for Melina Matakis the woman he fell in love with when he was fighting with the island's Resistance during the Second World War.

Having fruitlessly tried to contact Melina after he left Crete, he had not heard from her at all during the thirty years since their parting. He is destined not to see Melina again but becomes involved with the attractive Annika Zeferis (Betty Arvaniti), little realising her relationship to Melina.

Attempting to face the ghosts of the past, Alan falls foul of Melina's vindictive and powerful mother, Katerina Matakis (the wonderful Patience Collier) who has far-reaching influence and who reignites an old feud with a passion. Alan, however, cannot fathom why Melina never responded to his letters when they had been so close…

Careless of the danger he is in, he becomes closer to Annika and her niece's family. He decides to stay on in Crete but his new-found life is to be shattered irrevocably.

A generous gesture earns him the respect of the people and he finds friends on the island; but there are also enemies. There is sadness awaiting Alan on Crete, but also happiness. The stunning final episode culminates with a terrible Greek tragedy, having repercussions that reach even the seemingly untouchable Katerina. The title Who Pays The Ferryman is from Greek legend — Charon, the Ferryman, takes the dead over the River Styx to Hades, but he must be paid.

One of the best television series of its time, Who Pays The Ferryman is timeless, dark, dramatic and compelling. Originally transmitted by the BBC in 1977, Who Pays The Ferryman was a major success and watched by millions. The series was created by Michael J Bird (The Lotus Eaters) and it established him as one of the leading screenwriters of the time.

Who Pays The Ferryman also features: Takis Emmanuel as Matheos Noukakis; Neil McCarthy as Babis Spiridakis; Stefan Gryff as The Major; Lambros Kotsiris as Georgeios Kaladis; Anastasia Divoli as Maria Kaladis; Kevork Malikyan as Doctor; Maria Sokali as Elena Vassilakis; Nikos Verlekis as Nikos Vassilakis; and Alexis Sergis as Alexis Vassilakis.

The Theme Music is Composed by Yannis Markopoulos (the theme tune made the Top 10); Series Created By Michael J Bird; Produced and Directed by William Slater.

The long-awaited series Who Pays The Ferryman is exclusively restored and is released by Eureka on DVD for the first time in the UK as a three-disc set on 20 February 2012. Running Time: 393 Minutes | RRP: £40.85 | Catalogue Number: EKA50048.

"Who Pays The Ferryman is timeless, dark, dramatic and compelling" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar